dBTechno: SOCOM PS3 Bluetooth Headset Review


"The best gaming feature has to be the mute button, which will allow you to basically mute out the mic if you want to keep people from hearing what you are saying.

The headset has great battery life, and can be charged through a USB cable through the PS3, a laptop, etc.

Overall, if you are going to pick up SOCOM Confrontation, I highly recommend getting the bundle with this Bluetooth headset, great for your cell phone and gaming with the PS3 online!

Sony is also said to be ready to release the headset as a stand-alone accessory outside of SOCOM Confrontation as well."

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iHEARTboobs4051d ago

I wish my Plantronics headset that I use for both my Cellphone and PS3 had a mute button. Works great but no mute sucks. Glad sony has one.

NBA09TheInsideFlop4051d ago

wahahaha the headset scores better than the flop game.

too many flops on the ps3.