Interview: How Far Cry 2's Fire Fuels, Spreads

Much of the development focus on Ubisoft Montreal's Far Cry 2 centered around its open world and procedural systems -- which has resulted in an unusual reception curve.

But the game is frequently noted for its fire propagation -- fire spreads realistically and can be used to create or exacerbate explosive chain reactions for strategic purposes. As a result, it's also somewhat unpredictable, making it a double-edged sword.

Jean-Francois Lévesque of Ubisoft Montreal is the individual most responsible for that feature. A gameplay programmer who contributed to various tools and the audio implementation, Lévasque ended up spending over a year on fire propagation alone, researching existing models of CG fire representation and attempting to balance realism and gameplay practicality.

Gamasutra caught up with Lévesque to discuss how fire gained importance during development, how he approached his assignment, and how he has perceived player reaction to the feature.

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No FanS Land4047d ago

he he. soon I'm gonna work here.
great place.

ChrisGTR14047d ago

is there any cheat codes for FC 2? i hope theres one where fire never stops spreading.

Kleptic4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

my guess is that that would be virtually impossible even with unlimited ram...

I like articles like this...its good to hear the thought process behind new gameplay mechanics...

I wish, however, that I could ask that guy why they kept in all the stuff that people dislike, and constantly complain about, in open world games...why do you still have to drive for 30 minutes to get to a 3 minute mission? Why, for such a large scale civil war, are there only about 200 people on the entire map?...even worse why are the two factions never actually warring with each other, except for in some scripted mission that you agree to? go from base to base, and its just guys on watch basically waiting for only you to show up...why can't there be skirmishes going on all over the place, and you have the choice of engaging an enemy, or simply sneeking by if you are low on resources...I guess this is something only MGS4 can get right for the time being...why is the AI plagued with the exact same complaints everyone had about Crysis and the original Far Cry?...and lastly...why does the save system still ultra suck?...

bunbun7774047d ago

Very nice talk- good to have more interviews with game developers, I could read about these guys and the work they do all day.

4047d ago