New Wolfenstein: Youngblood Trailer Debuts At E3 2019

New Wolfenstein: Youngblood trailer has debuted at E3 2019. Bethesda and Machine Games showcased the game during their E3 conference.

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-Foxtrot43d ago

I really hope this isn't canon

It would spoilt anything Wolfenstein 3 tries to do as you know BJ will survive, he has children, the Nazi's are still around long after the third game ends.

In my opinion if they were twins it should have been a boy and a girl to mimic BJ and Anya.

EDKICK43d ago

Wolfenstein 3 could still be after this I mean that might change with something that happens in Youngblood but BJ while getting old still has the super soldier body right?

-Foxtrot43d ago

I’d rather they keep old man BJ for the next trilogy

Not too mention I wouldn’t want his daughters getting in the way of the story when they are continuing his adventures

AK9143d ago

You mean incest?

Jokes aside they are following the lore of the OG series, once BJ killed Hitler BJ retired got married and had two daughters. Hell the first game opens with BJ having a dream about this ending from the OG games.

SolidGear343d ago


EDKICK43d ago

I'll play anything MachineGames makes at this point, they just know how to create incredible first person shooters.

AK9143d ago

I'm gonna be playing this SP hope it's still enjoyable with only one player.

SolidGear340d ago

It's the same.. The other girl just acts as an AI controlled NPC