Xbox Working on Getting Project Scarlett Dev Kits Out; Optimizing Halo Infinite to Be Showcase Title

Today General Manager of Xbox Games Marketing Aaron Greenberg talked about the newly revealed Project Scarlett console coming next year.

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Christopher135d ago

Ugh. Greenberg. If anyone else at Microsoft was saying this stuff, I might take it seriously.

But, I think everything in that title is pretty much a no-brainer if they're planning to release next Fall.

Abriael135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

I don't know why people dislike him. Sure, he does some hype, but that's pretty literally his job.

On a personal level, I can say he's probably one of the most likable among the high ranking execs. At the very least, he's the only one I know who talks to a lot of people without snubbing those who aren't Game Informer and such. That's a huge plus for me.

darthv72135d ago

So what did you think of their show Abriel?

People are complaining that it was all flash but they forget that its a stage show. Its supposed to be flash. The substance is on the show floor. That is where the demos and gameplay can be found.

Christopher135d ago

***I don't know why people dislike him. Sure, he does some hype, but that's pretty literally his job. ***

He doesn't just do hype, he does blatant hypocrisy and just acting like a snake oil salesman. They could hire so many people who would be better at the job than he is. Let alone how he regales people with how he doesn't allow non-MS products in his house and forces his children and wife to use what he wants.

I'm glad he talks to you, but that's his actual job, not people like Spencer.

Abriael135d ago

@darthv72: I liked it. Lots of games and that's what I came to see.

rdgneoz3135d ago

@Abriael Yes, lot's of mutiplats and games that were already known and shown off already.

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Father__Merrin135d ago

But it's also on pc? Wish they took things back how the x1og and 360 was

Mystogan135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

That would be a dumb business decision. First of all windows is their own platform lol. They should have been supporting it with games from the very beginning. They actually did for some time with the OG Xbox.

They Reach more people. And since Xbox is more focused on multi-player. Putting it on PC gives games a larger pool of people to play with.

As an Xbox gamer with a PC. I will definitely be playing more on my gaming laptop now that more Xbox games will be there with achievements.

There is no negatives here.

Father__Merrin134d ago

looking at the xbox console sales its actually reaching less people now. they need to get back to how the xbox 360 was theres no denying it was much much better during them days

KwietStorm135d ago

Just going out on a limb, I think Microsoft's bottom line is more important than anyone's platform exclusive elitist circle jerking.

XiNatsuDragnel135d ago

Scarlett or PC ? I am leaning towards PC for now

Mystogan134d ago (Edited 134d ago )

What's your gamertag? DM me

It's Zeref btw. My second account lol

XiNatsuDragnel134d ago

Lol mine game my 2nd tag is Natsu_Dragonslayer