LittleBigPlanet - Three Speech gets to play…

Three Speech writes: "Little Big Planet is finally here in time for Guy Fawkes Night. Three Speech got some proper hands-on time to see if it's a rocket or merely a sparkler.

There's been a lot of hype about this game, and plenty of videos knocking around, so that by now you'll know LBP is a socially interactive, hugely customisable platform game starring the potentially iconic Sackboy. Eventually you'll be able to create your own customised world with levels you've created that you can invite others to share in. But what's it like as a game? We delved in and had a little fun.

The look of the game is totally unique and conveys a sense of fun from the off. Your world is a rag-tag assortment of different shapes and fabrics, and much of it appearing as cheerfully colourful cardboard cut-outs, lending it a surreal style."

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