Microsoft Officially Announces Next Xbox "Project Scarlett" and It’s Powerful

During Microsoft’s E3 press conferences Phil Spencer, executive vice-president of Gaming at Microsoft took to the stage to unveil Xbox’s next-gen console.

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mark3214uk39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

How can it be powerful based of a cheesy video and hardly no specs?

They might as well of said were waiting to see what sony announce before showing our final specs

anonymousfan39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Well we know it "eats monsters for breakfast" lmao. Nah the only useful bit of info was the planned release window.

Edit: type-o

Eonjay39d ago

The withheld specs on purpose.

UltraNova39d ago

The said its going to be 4 times as powerful as the X... 24tf?? Don't think so.

Tech539d ago (Edited 39d ago )

"4X more powerful than the Xbox One X"

so 24 T-flops of power i presume.

BLizardXD39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

it eats monsters for breakfast!!!

Sevir39d ago

That 24tf is simply multiplying the number. Not the performance...

The One X is 50-60% more powerful than the PS4 Pro and 4 times more power than the XBO... And the latter is a 1.3tf machine...

Four times more powerful than the one X would place it squarely in the bracket of 12-15tflops...

gravedigger39d ago


It's not 24 TF becuase it is 4x over X1X. It's overall power over CPU, GPU, bandwidth, etc...

BLizardXD39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

it specifically says ""4X more powerful than the Xbox One X"
not the original xbox, xbox 360, or classic xbox one. it says "X".

X is a 6 Tflops console.

The-Matrix-has-you39d ago


4X the power doesn’t necessarily directly translate to 4X the Teraflop performance. However, you never know. Could be some crazy advancements.

OB1Biker39d ago

*'from a pure processing perspective...'

Genkins39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

@ "Sevir"
the xbox one X is a 4.6x leap over the Xbox one. but now there is no way that Scarlett could be a 4x leap over X......

all media sites are stating Scarlett is 4 time more powerful than X.

uRaDecepticon39d ago

Powerful? Using the SSD for RAM is a good start...

S2Killinit39d ago

4X more powerful. Hmmmm where have I heard that before? Uha I call puffery.

dantesparda39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

"Microsoft Officially Announces Next Xbox "Project Scarlett" and It’s Powerful"
What the f? Did this website make the same claim/statement when Sony announce its specs? Cuz so far they are exactly the same thing. Some people/website just really cant help themselves and make themselves look stupid. So far there has been nothing said that makes one better than the other, except for a bunch of fanboys just assuming that MS's machine will be better. I feel sorry for that dumb lot.

And seriously any difference will be so minute that good luck seeing/finding the difference.

Tech539d ago (Edited 39d ago )

OB1Biker "from a pure processing perspective"

T-flops is from a processing perspective. flops = floating point operations per-second. it's the measurement in processing compute power.

anyways, Microsoft just confirmed it to have Unmatched power.
- “Introducing Project Scarlett. Unmatched power and speed ushers in a new level of game play performance and the future of gaming. With four generations of content that looks and feels unlike anything before.”

Razzer38d ago

The GPU in the Xbox One X is 6 TF. Just the GPU. MS is saying the combined processing power of the next gen Xbox is 4x that of One X. That does NOT mean 24 TF since they are talking about more than just the GPU itself.

"X is a 6 Tflops console."

No. X has a 6 TF GPU. Significant difference.

AmUnRa38d ago

Yeah that comment" it eats monsters for breakfast" was embarrassing and out of place.

IamTylerDurden138d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Are these articles paid promotion? The title "and it's Powerful!" is bullshit. No specs were announced and we got about as much information as we did a month or so ago when Wired Magazine interviewed Mark Cerny about the PS5. Zen 2, Navi, ssd. For an official E3 console reveal this was exceedingly vague. No mention of teraflops, number of gbs of ram, clock speeds, or price point. We didn't even get the real name "Project Scarlett". That was a weak reveal and a weak conference. Even the ssd confirmation was dramatically less exciting due to Sony beating them to the punch and actually showing it in motion on Spider-man. Don't get me wrong, Zen 2, Navi, and ssd are all great things, but Sony already gave the same info in a random interview and Microsoft closes E3 with it? C'mon, nut up and reveal the specs. Big talkers when they know they have the advantage, but not now. How many times has Greenberg or Phil spouted "6 teraflops" or "BEAST" in the past 2 years? But at the official console reveal on stage you are scared to announce specs because you are nervous about Sony.

Ceaser985736138d ago


Wrong info dude. X is 40% powerful than the Pro....

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Donnie8139d ago

So pretty much they are making sure they have the more powerful system

Rude-ro39d ago

They are making sure they are saying the right thing.
The issue is confidence in Microsoft’s actual actions.

crazyCoconuts39d ago

We'll see. They won't have a year to adjust so they're both playing with the same limitations. Gotta think they'll be targeting the same price point too, so they'll probably be similar performance wise.

Profchaos39d ago

4 times more Powerful from a processing perspective equals amd zen 2 has 4 times the power of the old Xbox One and one X CPU which was a mobile based system.

If you listen to the wording very specifically they are talking about the CPU power not the GPU

Tapani39d ago

Profchaos is correct. They were talking about the CPU not the GPU. 4x powerful is pretty much the minimum we needed to get back on track in regards to frame rates and physics.

The SSD here is the key. I think Xbox Two and PS5 will be somewhere around 12TF - 14TF in terms of power. Now it will be much more about the content and ways to play, than ever before. The power will be there, no doubt.

kingfortoday38d ago

@BLizardXD no. They specified that the cpu is 4x more powerful. That's all

IamTylerDurden138d ago (Edited 38d ago )

People are on Crack. This was little more than what Cerny gave us about PS5 in a Wired magazine interview. Zen 2, Ray tracing, 8k, Navi, ssd. All good things, all expected now, but the only difference is gddr6 was confirmed, whereas, it was assumed but not confirmed for the PS5. No teraflops, clock speeds, number of gbs (ram), no numbers on storage, no price point, not even the official name. The entire conference was underwhelming, but the next box reveal was the height of disappointment. I expected a true console reveal, but it appears that Microsoft isn't confident enough to drop numbers this time. Obviously PS5 is looming and team Xbox is nervous.

I'm surprised we didn't see gameplay from Gears and Halo, but we did see gameplay from Minecraft, though, Riverbond looks vastly superior. Flight Sim would've been perhaps palatable in VR, maybe? The Gears POP and mobile game was a low point. I recall something similar last year.

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feju39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Xbox SCARLETT's Raytracing capabilty and SSD storage were leaked way before the ps5, not the other way around. Google it.

Teflon0239d ago

Leaked... Not announced. Big difference

tekiz39d ago

I'm not sure why that matters, at the end of the day I am pretty sure both consoles will end up almost identical.

It's pretty safe to assume that both Sony and Microsoft know what each others chips are. After all, they are both being manufactured by AMD using essentially the exact same parts in the exact same factory at the exact same time.

Personally all biases aside I'd rather the consoles be judged by the games than their power, that's what really matters to me.

feju39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Like previous console generations, leaks always come first, not announcements. Xbox Scarlett got it way back in 2018, ps5 following it in 2019:

Christopher39d ago

Sony has actually demoed what they are talking about not just presented it as buzz words to the public first, not the other way around. Google it.

Look, I'm fine if MS does the same or better, but this buzz word filled trailer told me nothing.

rainslacker39d ago

Generally speaking, they'd both be deciding what tech to choose based on whatever tech was available, or would be available within their launch window. Given that there isn't tons of tech that would be suitable for the price point of a console, and there are only so many designs for x86 APU's to choose from, and only so many GPU designs to go with, the chances they end up with mostly similar tech is pretty much a given.

What will differentiate the two is what they decide to place more importance on. Could be raster units, could be raytracing units. Could be APU clock speed over bus speed. So on and so forth. But even then, they're going to be pretty close, because as generations roll around, these engineers know what the power necessity will be for the games that will be made for the generation.

alb189939d ago

tekiz maybe....maybe not. Is the pro the same as the X?

dcbronco39d ago


I'm not sure the idea of the exact same parts is true. Like Apple, both Sony and Microsoft have extensive experience designing parts themselves. Remember it was Microsoft engineers that caused rrod back when they were first learning. Also remember AMD released an APU similar to the PS4 after its launch. There will be differences. The thing I believe will be the key difference is pure power and strategy. Microsoft is clearly looking at gaas with xCloud. Sony will eventually go the same route but I believe Microsoft may be willing to take a much steeper lose per unit based on subscription sales. Launching xCloud with the console offsets the initial loses at 7nm with 5nm coming in 2021. At that point you're closer to breaking even while having a console built to last ten years. The only real additional expense would be gpu and psu. If you sell at $500 and add $15 for a better psu, maybe $10. And add $100+ for the gpu you can have a 20+ teraflops gpu at semi-custom pricing. So a $650 console could come in at $500 and drop close to the $500 cost range within a year based on refinements, maturity and die shrink. Add subscriptions and some lower end PC users and you're making a profit. That machine would handle the latest and greatest PC games on ultra at 4k for less than a $800 PC so PC developers will support it. Realistically how many people will have a 24 teraflops gpu by 2020? They are giving Sony a lot to think about.

rainslacker39d ago

When talking about different architectures, then there are going to be differences. But when using similar architectures, or the exact same one, they're going to be pretty much the same on the base level. It's things outside the base that make the difference, but tech is tech, and they know what's available, how much it will cost, and if it will work for them.

RROD wasn't caused due to poor design of the system architecture, it was caused by poor design of the cooling system, and very poor quality control at the manufacturing level to compensate for it. They knew about it, and if MS hadn't rushed it out the door, they probably would have solved the issue, but when NVidia twisted MS arm with the pricing of their GPU's when MS needed to lower the price of the OGXbox, they decided to get a jump on the next gen, which is one reason the 360 was lacking on features like WiFi or even a bigger optical medium format.

porkandshakes38d ago


Sony demo'd a loading screen for PS4 games that load faster for whatever their PS5 will be using.

Xbox One X has been doing that with 360 games since they started their BC.

But let's pretend that all of a sudden these common tech terms that everyone uses are now considered "buzz words" now that MS is saying it.

RangerWalk26738d ago

Also, Xbox is using hardware acceleration for Ray Tracing. Sony is using software to emulate it. Big difference

Razzer38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

"Also, Xbox is using hardware acceleration for Ray Tracing. Sony is using software to emulate it. Big difference"

Huh? When did Sony say this?

dcbronco38d ago

Ryzen 1 & 3 are the same architectures but very different chips. People are acting as if only Qualcomm or AMD or Intel can improve a design. If that were the case Apple wouldn't have the best phone chip. Scorpio is an improvement ok n Jaguar.

Rrod was caused when Microsoft engineers made changes to the architecture that AMD warned them would be an issue. AMD engineers turned out to be right.

And Microsoft learned a lesson most console makers learned the hard way, own your tech. Both Intel and nvidia screwed Microsoft and they didn't let it happen again. And it's just a common sense business decision to bring as much inhouse as possible. Chip design is something any hardware maker should be doing inhouse. Any company the size of the one's we're talking about. .

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darthv7239d ago

Guess Sony got wind of Scarlett specs and opted to reveal theirs beforehand to steal some thunder.

No worries though. Even if they are on par I will still get both. PS5 for God of War 2 and Scarlett for Halo Infinite.

THC CELL39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

You really think sony r gunna show.a console less powerful now. Pff u will be shocked how sony strategy is working right now

Oh and bring up anaconda bla bla sony will also have a pro

S2Killinit39d ago

I believe MS will release first because of their position, then Sony will release. This is why MS is making it a point to mention that there will be future models, since their first counsel might be slightly less powerful than Sony’s. This doesnt mean Sony wont have later models as well.

Razzer38d ago

"Guess Sony got wind of Scarlett specs and opted to reveal theirs beforehand to steal some thunder. "

lol....what? They are both using the same exact architecture. Navi and Zen 2. The only "specs" they have revealed coincide with the capabilities of HDMI 2. Why are you making nonsense up about what Sony "got wind of"?

NarutoFox38d ago

Or you can get Halo Infinite on PC as well

rainslacker38d ago

Yeah....except it worked to generate hype for PS5, while MS ended up looking like they were just reacting to the news.

I don't think it's because they got wind of Scarlett's specs, because Sony didn't release any specs. I think it's because they knew that MS was going to say something at E3, and they wanted to make sure they kept their name in the news and not come across the way MS is now.

Or, they just do their own thing, and are better at playing the marketing game than MS is, just like they have been since before this gen started. Remember last gen when they caused MS to delay it's reveal conference by having a surprise reveal event themselves? This is really no different.

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EddieNX 39d ago

4 times as powerful as Xbox one X. 25tflops?

EddieNX 39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Fishy Fingers, they seem to use TFLOPS to put power into perspective for consumers. It's even on the Marketing material for the X.

tekiz39d ago

I'm not sure, I assume they were talking about loading. SSD seems to be the talking point for both MS and Sony atm.

Fishy Fingers39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Eddie, it wont be 24tflops (4x XBX), AMD dont (nor does anyone else) produce hardware capable at any consumer price point.

2080 TI at £1000 is 13tflops and better than anything AMD has to offer.

Cupid_Viper_339d ago

Direct quote from the reveal video: "From a pure processing perspective, this is 4 times more powerful than the XBox One X."


RosweeSon39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

They said 40X... look at their twitter feed it’s all their in bulletpoints
40X more powerful than current consoles... 40X!?!?!!! Hahahaa ok I got power and performance mixed up but still 4X is laughable that halo footage didn’t look 4X better, yes I made a mistake could have edited it all out but hey ho 4X still a joke they think they iPhone or something haha

beulahland39d ago

@mark3214uk "Dont be silly"

Well, if our N4G Nostradamus says, who is Eddie to say otherwise? LOL!

rainslacker39d ago

Zen is the CPU. That's what they were citing. The layman doesn't really pay attention. GPU is probably going to be between 12-14TF. Even on the current systems, the TFlop rating is potential rating of the GPU, not the actual performance of the whole system, so the number is kind of meaningless outside of peak potential, except that more powerful GPU means more chance of better graphics.

Razzer38d ago (Edited 38d ago )


Keep dreaming.

@Fishy Fingers

Exactly. Thank you.

"GPU is probably going to be between 12-14TF. "

Doubtful. You are in RTX 2080 ti range there. I'd say less than 10 TF for the GPU otherwise the cost is going to be too high. This is why MS and Sony are yapping about SSD and they are reading off the HDMI 2.1 spec sheet for what is "capable".

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beulahland39d ago

@Vandamme21 didn't ask you.

shloobian39d ago

Well they did say that in terms of processing power it is 4x's more powerful than the X.

Kribwalker39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

They said it’s 4 times more powerful then the OneX in a processing perspective. And that thing is a beast

Orionsangel39d ago

They may have just given away the name of the next Xbox console

Xbox Infinite

The-Matrix-has-you39d ago

Xbox 2
Xbox 2X
And so on

crazyCoconuts39d ago

That's a good one... You might be right

beulahland39d ago

@mark3214uk "How can it be powerful based of a cheesy video and hardly no specs?"

How cannot it be? Do you have any insider information, Nostradamus?

porkandshakes39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

They did the same thing Sony did in terms of revealing basic specs of their next console.

And they both said the same thing.

RosweeSon39d ago

Because they said so 😜 besides they were hardly gonna launch and inferior console but yeah think I’ll wait to see much more.

rainslacker39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

It's the most powerful they've ever designed, which is important, because...well, I'm not sure why. They made a remark that it'd be 4X more powerful than the X1X, implying about 24TF or so, but they were only talking about the CPU, not the GPU, or it's overall computing power, but I'd imagine we'll see some assuming they meant 24TF, because some people are stupid. So....we have that to look forward to.

While watching the video, I thought they were just taking the talking points of Cerny's interview, and saying, "me too". Then they had to make it worse by highlighting the load times, which was from a follow up interview, and making it into a much bigger deal than it needs to be. But hey, it came from a person who is really into RPG's, which is like me, so I should listen I guess....even though MS has the least number of RPG's on their system than all the big three...including Nintendo. I had to laugh when she acted like people were somehow brought down because they "just knew" that the loading was going on in the background.

They talked about how they provide all this hardware and tools for the developers to realize their vision, but the rest of their show just makes it seem like they don't even know what to do with all that power beyond pretty graphics....and their graphics aren't top of the class material IMO. Halo Infinite I thought may have been a remaster of a prior game as rough as it looked, and can't tell about gears because they didn't show any game play, but David Cage had better graphics for the load screens for Heavy Rain, on the PS3, rendered in real time, than they showed in that trippy thing they did leading into Gears.

BlackRaven85_139d ago

These consoles weren't designed yesterday you know that right? Honestly you sound like a fanboy bashing the other team.

rainslacker39d ago

NOOOO...Really? I thought they slapped it together right before the show and stuff. Also...what relevance does that have to anything I said, and where did I imply that I felt they just slapped this together?

How was a I bashing the other team? I stated my opinion on the information in the way they presented it. Be more specific, because if you can't say why my opinion is wrong, then I don't know if you're trying to discuss something with me, or just throw in a comment trying to discredit anything i say with nothing worthwhile to argue from your own point of view.