AudioSurf 75% Off on Steam

Jeremy over at DigitalSomething lets us know about a great new deal Steam is running:
"One of the coolest games that you probably have never heard of is available through Steam for a mere $2.49.

Matt showed me AudioSurf right after it was first released, and I loved it. The game being priced less than $3 makes it a deal that you really shouldn't pass up!

Hit the jump to find out what the game is all about."

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PirateThom4566d ago

It's really good. Buy it!

madk4566d ago

Yeah this is a bargain. Do yourself a favor and get it.

INehalemEXI4566d ago

Indeed it was only 9 bucks when I got it. couple bucks is near giving it away sheesh.

Cra1g4566d ago

I just bought it :) Thanks for the heads up!