Devolver Digital E3 Press Conference

Let's be honest, these folks have a track record of doing crazy stuff. We honestly have no clue what you should expect out of this conference.

Buckle Up.

rainslacker1567d ago

So I came in late, and only got the last few seconds before the "credits roll", and now I have no clue what's going on.

NiteX1567d ago

You would have felt the same way if you started it from the beginning.

rainslacker1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

I'm not even sure if what I'm watching is their actual conference, or just something twitch is doing. it's some weird thing with dinosaurs and a guy wearing a greenscreen suit.

Edit: Apparently this is a twitch thing, and I missed the conference. I started it at 21 minutes after it was supposed to start...was it really that short?

Christopher1567d ago

Sorry, I was busy doing some PMs and moderating and I posted this up late.

BUT! Devolver is always weird with their conference. It's half a joke like what you'd see on Eric Andre Show and the other half is some games or features.

rainslacker1567d ago

well...if this is still the conference, they've done this longer than what must have come before the first 21 minutes I came in late. I'm fine with weird, but this is stupid. As I speak, I assume they're showing a indie game, but they still have these idiots in the corner, with a crappy band, and they're making up some song.

I knew the conference was at 10, I just wasn't paying attention to the time, so not upset with you.:)

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Platformgamer1567d ago

the bootleg collection made the conference the best this far ahaha
jokes aside, cool games announced, i loved that they thinked about the arcades, i miss them a lot.

Omnisonne1567d ago

That's the thing though.. I was confused the entire time whether something was satire or an actual upcoming game.
I like their approach but damn, there's definitely such a thing as too much weirdness.

blackblades1567d ago

You had to watch the previous directs and conference or whatever last year.

1567d ago
Smokehouse1567d ago

Carrion looked pretty cool.

Segata1567d ago

No Metal Wolf Chaos so I left with nothing

BigTrain1567d ago

Were they the studio that was handling the remaster of that?

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Embracer open to divesting studios, confirms more closures are likely

"On the divestment side there is a strong vibrant market with many, many active players."

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ApocalypseShadow1d 22h ago

Sounds like you purchased them more like they were limited edition coins or stamps to profit from with a sale than really doing anything with the acquisitions.

Now, it's looking for buyers and shoving the rest out into the unemployment line.

Barlos3h ago

Sure Tencent will be waiting in the wings to snap up a few bargains.

StarkR3ality26m ago

Genuinely don't think there's been a bigger fuck up of a company I can think of in gaming. Buy all these IP and studios and then close them all down, wtf.