Editorial: How Sony Can Win E3 Without Even Showing Up?

Jacob St-Amour from Link-Cable Writes: "Many were shocked to hear about the news that Sony, one of the major presenters of past E3’s would not be attending the event this time around. With no booth, no press conferences and no new game announcements, this will be the first time in a long while that Sony doesn’t have a presence to what many would consider the largest gaming event of the year. That being said, Sony has already shown a glimpse of the companies future and what to expect for the PS5 and this is exactly what they need to do to try and steal the spotlight while not attending E3."

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Razzer41d ago

Geez.....those bright green section titles are burned on my retinas now. Readers beware.

JACOB_LC41d ago

Have you seen our yellow headers? :P

Razzer41d ago

Not until I get a better pair of sunglasses....nope. ;-)

telekineticmantis41d ago

If Sony does no presentation during E3, they are complete idiots.

TheGamez10041d ago

Nintendo does the same and theyve been doing great. Sony skipped this one since the gen is nearing its end and they arent ready to show anything new.

telekineticmantis41d ago

You've never heard of Nintendo Direct, they do one during E3 basically every year.

ravens5241d ago

And they didnt need to 🤷🏽‍♂️.

Antnee53441d ago

Wont lie all they need to do to win is just announce a release date of this year or march of next and they got my vote

KwietStorm41d ago

Rushing their product for the sake of getting it out there first, a la Xbox 360, sure as hell doesn't get a vote from me.

tekiz41d ago

Navi and Zen are ready to go may as well, launch sooner rather than later. I doubt we'll see a RROD situation from Sony.

Antnee53441d ago

Meant last of us 2 not the ps5 btw forgot to put that in the comment

TheHan41d ago

The thing is you can’t win anything else you show up, the title alone is wrong and false. Stupid click bait.

Juusterey40d ago

it's for people with a basic understanding of........anything

Starman6941d ago

The just won!! Microsoft presentation was absolute pants 👖😂😂

rainslacker41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

I dunno. I saw quite a few games there I want to play. I don't need an Xbox to play all but one of them(PC notwithstanding), and I may finally upgrade my GPU for flight simulator, which has been long absent from MS portfolio...although I wouldn't really call that a game.

I have an X1, so I'll play the games on Xbox if they're only available through MS platforms. The rest I'll get on PS4. Flight Simulator I'll get on PC.

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