Xbox Game Pass PC Games List Revealed, Ultimate Bundle Available To Purchase For $1

Microsoft will announce Xbox Game Pass for PC today and the store listing for the product is up now where the price of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is also listed with a discount.

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indysurfn1577d ago

Since the original xbox(2001) people already saw Microsoft as coming to take gamers away to a PC type platform and then control pc. Once they get the majority there they can jack the prices to 120$ a month and it will be too late for you to do anything about it because all consoles will be gone.

This is pretty much how cable took over the tv industry and controlled who could get sports. and other content.

They can muscle STEAM buy buying the big exclusives.

Vetgamer1577d ago

It's not just Microsoft the industry is moving towards one box does all I like the idea I can play on my laptop and continue on my xbox. I'd love to be able to play all games on one box and just pay subs to Microsoft Sony Nintendo and it wouldn't be 120 because folk won't pay it.

Unspoken1577d ago

Going to need another SSD. Thank you Microsoft.

mikeslemonade1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

MS has sold me on game pass on pc.

^But I spend line $120 a month on games anyway.

Sayai jin1577d ago

Sweet deal, especially if you already have Xbox live and/or game pass. I already had 24 months XBL and I was able to upgrade to game pass ultimate for $1 a month for 24 months. It won't cost $14 until 2021.


TheOtherMoon1577d ago


I really like your tinfoil hat; did you buy it or make it yourself?

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Razzer1578d ago

Nice! $5 will give me all Xbox first party and more. PC gaming is so awesome.

chiefJohn1171577d ago

Ya but console gaming is much better. Better offerings

Razzer1577d ago

You are free to your opinion, but what "better offerings" are you referring to?

Si-Fly1577d ago

Let me know when I can play iRacing on my PS4 and run triple screens with a Simucube wheel and Heusinkveld pedals 👍🏻

1577d ago
chiefJohn1171577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

Opinion? It's a fact I referring to Gamepass on console vs PC. I wasn't talking about in general however games like RDR2 being console only makes a good case against that too.

I think we already had this conversation

AspiringProGenji1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

RDR2 will come in time. PC in the end do and will have the best library. We can play xbox exclusives now without a console. That’d be my only reason to get Gamepass.

Razzer1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

Well, you did say "console gaming is much better". A bit of a broad statement so the fact that you were talking about Game Pass wasn't clear. And we don't know the full details about Game Pass on PC so whether it is "better" or "worse" remains to be seen. One aspect we do know is the PC version costs half of the Xbox version. That is objectively better. As for the rest, I expect we hear more about Game Pass on PC tonight.

"I think we already had this conversation"

Yes, but that was before MS announced PC would be getting its own version of Game Pass.

1577d ago
chiefJohn1171577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

Razzer don't know much? Do it's right in front you Gamepass on Xbox offer more games simple as that. Maybe in time it'll improve tho

Aspiring come in time? This is rdr2 game of the gen do I look like I wanna wait and hope for it to come years later? Goh with that mess. Yes that's very good reason to get Gamepass I agree. But Hitman, Metro, Shadow of the tomb raider.....is pretty good incentive to say the least lol. Oh wait I don't think some of those are on the PC version so don't quote me on that.

Bamboo why you mad doe? Lol I used big words? Where? Anyway. Steam? I'll take Gamepass for $1 Alex xD

Don't like it, well I got two words for ya. "My Opinion" lol

Razzer1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

"Razzer don't know much? Do it's bright in front you Gamepass on Xbox offer more games simple as that. "

Do it's bright in front of me? Are you drunk already? sigh.....I'm saying there is a press conference later today from MS and more details may not have been revealed. Either way, PC Game Pass costs $5. Half as much as Xbox. Simple as that.

"Don't like it, well I got two words for ya. "My Opinion""

Which is what I said at the start, but I don't think you had as much sauce in your gut at that point. Take it slow man.

meep3161576d ago

yes there are some good games on console that arent on pc, but there are just much more games on pc period.

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chiefJohn1171577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

You're a funny guy Razzer. It say "right in front of you" not "bright" so no I'm not drunk maybe you need reading glasses xD. "my opinion" was referring to bamboo dude about steam vs Gamepass. Not PC vs Xbox Gamepass. Xbox has PC gamepass games and more (for now) so no opinion there just facts.

Razzer1577d ago

lol.....I copied and paste your own words. Ok.....so you edited it. That's cool. Although "Do it's right in front you" still doesn't make much sense. Do? Do what? lol

"Xbox has PC gamepass games and more (for now) so no opinion there just facts."

And at twice the cost. That's a fact you repeatedly seem to leave out.

NXFather1577d ago

Xbox Only:
Shadow of Tomb
Multiple Hitman
All the gears not just 4
Multiple Dead Rising
Deus Ex Mankind
Strange brigade
Shadow of Mordor
Oblivion not sure if elder scrolls
Street fighter 4 and marvel vs capcom, both ultimate ed
megaman legacy coll 2
metro last light
rare replay
bc and enhanced xbox games
lego games
walking dead games
zombie army trilogy
wolfenstein 1 and 2, pc has only part 2
doom 2016
shadow of mordor
shadow warrior games if anyone cares
quantam break
warhammer vermintied, thats the first person gladiator style game
the division 1
ashen first party, actually not on pc list
below first party, actually not on pc list
elderscrolls tamriel unlimited, online game i think
star wars knight of republic
shantae games
resident evil revalations games
shadow complex
rage 1
Monster hunter world
mortal kombat x, not eleven
mass effect 1
just cause games
life is strange
fallout 3 and 4
alot more also...
and most of the ones only on pc right now are headed to xbox

the only ones not are games like tyranny, imperator rome, operencia, etc garbage.
If you want those handful just buy them and get the xbox version for those that have xbox x and pc.
console gamepass far superior imo. but, pc version is okay, and since console is only okay imo then pc version sucks. but, better than kicking rocks. now pc being better than consoles for gaming to each their own.

chiefJohn1171576d ago

Exactly idkw Razzer in denial.

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Deathdeliverer1577d ago

Microsoft.... they continue to give you reasons NOT to get their console.

NeoGamer2321577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

Gaming is not only consoles.

Gaming is on many devices. Consoles, Phones, Tablets, and PC. Microsoft is making it so I can game anywhere, anytime, and on any device and enjoy the true gaming platform which is their network.

I do not understand why you only must have only a console. Do you carry a console everywhere you go? Do you buy several consoles so you can play in a den and youtr living room? Lineups at retail/entertainment, to restaurants eating out, travelling in a vehicle, trips, etc. All places where you may have some time and want to play a game. Consoles aren't the only device that people play games on. There are over a billion gamers that play games on more then just consoles.

thatguyhayat1577d ago

But then what relevance will Xbox have? Theres people with PC who buy ps4 and/or switch cause of great exclusives. PS4 you can cause of game sharing with Vita. You can buy add on for L2 and R2. Switch can easily be carried along with it too

NeoGamer2321577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )


I buy devices to play games on in context of how I want to play.

For example, me and a friend sit on a huge couch in front of a setup I have with two 55" TVs and all the modern consoles to play co-op games. I also prefer living room play... Then, I have a den... In there it is just PCs. Then I go out and I only carry a phone, when I travel in a plane I carry only a tablet, etc. There are many places I want to play games. A console is only one of them. I can increase my (time) ability to play games significantly by streaming and multi-platform networks.

People have to quit looking at this as "I only game on X device"... Start looking at it as "Y's network allows me to game on all these devices, carry my purchases, save my profiles//friends/game saves, and gives me achievements/trophies/badges, etc. ".

beulahland1577d ago

@thatguyhayat dude, PS4 is on its final dance, dude (as is Xbox One). And Vita? Duuuuude, pleaaaase.

King_Noctis1577d ago

Is that a bad thing? Because honestly I see this benefits no one but gamers. You don’t have to force yourself to get their console to play their game if you already have a gaming PC.

indysurfn1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

You can't see any reason?

RememberThe3571577d ago

It's a wired thing though to undermine your own product. Why be in the console business if you don't have any focus on your console?

King_Noctis1577d ago


That is for MS to worry about, not gamer. Obviously there is market for both console and PC gaming. MS is giving you that choice.

Livingthedream1577d ago

Some people prefer to play on console some on PC, the fact is you're not going to see halo or any other MS game on playstation doing that would kill the Xbox. If PlayStations exclusives games were also available on PC ot wouldn't kill the PlayStation. People have narrow minds and cant see beyond to what they're trying to accomplish