GamingShogun Reviews Fallout 3

GamingShogun writes, "One unforeseen effect that Fallout 3 had on me while I played it was an overwhelming sense of despair and aimlessness. I had not thought of the increased immersion that the first-person view would bring, and as I wander through the ruins of the nation's capital I actually feel sad. Sad that we humans had to do this to ourselves. Our greatest monuments in ruins, our people now scavenging about like beasts. Making it worse is that I stumble upon Pennsylvania avenue and see the ruins of a very familiar White House. It actually reminds me a lot of the Gears of War 'Mad World' trailer as Marcus wanders through the ruins of his world. I would say that Gary Jules' 'Mad World' might almost be too much to bare while walking around DC in its ruined state..."

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