Minecraft looks like a next-gen game with Ray Tracing and new 2K textures

DSOGaming writes: "YouTube’s ‘Ultimate Immersion’ has released a new video that will blow you away. This video shows Minecraft with the recently added Ray Tracing/Path Tracing effects and some custom 2K textures. The end result is so great that makes this retro title look like a truly next-gen game and… trust us… you really need to see it."

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Heavenly King704d ago

the purpose of minecraft is to look pixelated

Lionsguard704d ago

The future is now, old man.

quent704d ago

Everything from raytracing from a technical Sense is impressive but fromm a practical one it's way to early, go look at quake 2 running on a 2080ti with raytracing and see how it runs, a 22 year old game

TeamIcoFan704d ago

Crazy how much of a difference lighting can make.
If I saw this video with no context I wouldn't immediately think it was minecraft.

starchild704d ago

Lighting is the single most important aspect of CGI, whether pre-rendered or real-time.

xenz704d ago

Cant wait to see ray traced games on the next gen consoles

Razzer703d ago

I've never been much of a Minecraft fan, but doesn't this kind of remove all the charm?