The Sims Is Partnering With It Gets Better to Bring Pride Content to the Game

During EA Play today, the company announced that the Sims will be partnering with the It Gets Better project to support the LGBT+ community and bring some colorful clothing into the series.


Lots of people getting upset over optional content they're not being forced to buy or utilize or because others think everyone should like the content. Let's not make this about more than it is and realize that not everything has to be for everyone.

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bluefox7551454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

...why? Why do we need to include an activist group in our video games? It's obviously just corporate pandering.

Christopher1454d ago

For those gamers who might want it?

It is optional content, not forced.

Not everyone is into the same thing. Some people want mermaids, some don't. Some people want magic, some don't. Some people want LGBT+ stuff in their game, some don't.

People get way too bent out of shape over just one of those content options. Strange.

meep3161454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

why not just let people players be gay, or trans or whatever without bringing some activist group into it? Its pretty obvious they used peoples donations to pay for this, kind of awful pandering by ea if you ask me. Every time corporations do this sort of thing they try and make it a big deal and act like they are angels, same sex couples or whatever else should already be in this game. gay people arent aliens or some other species, they are pretty much like everyone else in most ways.

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Christopher1454d ago

***why not just let people players be gay, or trans or whatever without bringing some activist group into it?***

Eh, that's the business element of it. I don't know about the group, but if it means content that people want, then that's cool. If it means content no one wants, then that's a loss for EA in the end, not anyone else.

But, I do have a problem with people throwing the whole game in the trash just because of one option content item.

Elda1454d ago

Strange indeed but true.

b777conehead1454d ago

Be gay if you want stop forcing it down people’s throats

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Servbot411454d ago

The game already lets you be omega gay which is cool, this is just lame pandering.

meep3161454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

Im glad some people can separate pandering from acceptance. Pandering is exploitation, and someone will probably censor my posts for "wrongthink".

Sono4211454d ago

Shameless pandering like this being celebrated is an absolute joke. Not to mention the PAINFUL irony underneath the update "others think everyone should like the content" Are you not updating because you're upset people don't like this content?

Missing the real point, it's shameless pandering for around 2% of the population. Does that make any sense? Do they know nothing about target demographics? Literally no one cares if you're gay anymore, you're gay? Cool, i'm certainly not going to celebrate it, why should a sexuality be celebrated? Why would you make sexuality a selling point or main focus? It's as idiotic as celebrating the fact that you're a man, or celebrating that you're a woman, you celebrate ACTUAL ACCOMPLISHMENTS, society as a whole is forgetting this, we now celebrate specific groups just for existing and it's borderline patronizing.

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