Killzone 2 Public Beta kicks off

PS3-Sense writes "We just had an email in our inbox from a closed beta tester who recieved a mail about the Public Beta off Killzone 2. All the closed beta testers are invited to try out the Public Beta." Read the mail after the jump!

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St04057d ago

Will it be available on the Store tomorow for everyone to download? :O

chaosatom4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

It doesn't say.

But If true.
Then Sony can delay Home for I care.

vhero4057d ago

yep on the store tommorow to download thanks for posting a site with source couldnt find one after i got the email myself..

BigBaehr4057d ago

If its on the store tomorrow I will cream my pants.

hay4057d ago

I'll cream your pants too.

DARKKNIGHT4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

this is why EPIC denounced betas!!! talking all that smack about betas and demos....when they release unreal3 demo it was ok i guess...LOL

what a bunch of idiots.

lol, SONY OWNS the gaming industry.

Who the phuck cares about gow2 when killzone 2 beta is around?

Kinda like when the gt5p demo came out and embarrased every FULL racing game out there.


edit: all the haters out there can disagree all you want, just because youre mad, it still doesnt change the facts. it also doesnt change that i have been right everytime you take away my bubbles or ban me from the open zone..... in the end, U STILL LOSE. You can try and silence me from speaking the truth...but SONY will still OWN next gen gaming!!

DixieNormS4057d ago

No need to spew your Sh!tty campaign around here. The one that sounds mad is you and not anyone else. I for a damn fact is going to enjoy GeOW 2, and if the Beta for KZ2 comes out tomorrow, then guess what? I will enjoy that also. So shut your mouth McCain.

4057d ago
Mainman4057d ago

So... how do I get in the beta? Must I sign up somewhere?

DixieNormS4057d ago

I pissed you off even further. I don't know if you noticed but I said I will also enjoy KZ2. LOL Which means I also owe a PS3. I may not enjoy it in 1080p just yet but my 42" 1080i/720p does well enough job for now. Thank you and grow up.

Tarasque4057d ago

Man this article was going so well for about 6 posts, then %#%$ head DARKKNIGHT had to go and throw fanboy spam into the mix. But to the article man this would be so sweet.

cyclindk4057d ago

"I'll cream your pants too."

I'll help you cream his pants...

aceitman4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

i got my code not sure if it will go to the ps store looks like invites from ps underground thats how i got mine it may also be a lottery the graphics and game play omg omg this blows everthing out the water this will show the difference from ps3 and 360

XxRoosterxX4057d ago

I just got my code in an e-mail !!!!!!!
see you online!!!!!


Aclay4057d ago

I got my Killzone 2 Beta Code about 30 mintues ago!!

I got the email from the Playstation Underground through the Official Playstation website... so if you aren't a Playstation Underground member then you might not get in, but if you are a Playstation Underground Member, be sure to watch your email.

Marceles4057d ago

Code enclosed: Join the public Killzone 2 beta test‏

2:56 pm PST :)

CaptainHowdy4057d ago

im in the beta!!!! woot!!!

prowiew4056d ago

looking forward to it!. This games looks so good.

ps: (off topic) I thik n4g should put an idiot link to vote for comments. Should be: agree, disagree and idiot. Maybe these fanboys like darkknight start posting more relevant stuff. Getting a lot of idiots votes. Just sayin.

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cleanhealthy124057d ago


Cicinho4057d ago

I gave my mates a copy of my beta, only 1 person can be in at one time and passwords have to be kept on accounts.

Also doesn't look to likely that it will be on any store.

Surfman4057d ago

that would be the best Beta for me if i get in.

theEnemy4056d ago

Damn I want this so bad.

I'm trading my Wipeout HD Slot for a working Killzone 2 beta key.

PM me.

chaosatom4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

R.I.P Xbox 360.

Too bad PP didn't get to play Gears2 beta. I do feel sorry for him.

Actually I don't.

lawman11084057d ago

PSN may be free but it svcks a$$ . LIVE is the handsome one and PSN is the red headed step child.

Foliage4057d ago

What lag? I remember the gold ol' Gears 1 days, now that was lag. Every match it was common to have your character just freeze in place for a while. Then you would get booted at the most inappropriate times. Using the same connection for PSN, I've seen no such lag issues. It's been incredibly smooth and free.

aaron234057d ago

the BETA has killed all games on x360

yea it is that good

r2 and kz2 all the way

AngryHippo4057d ago

Killzone 2 beta for me. Man i am sooooo happy right now!

dankybett4057d ago

Just got mine too!! See you online!

Masta_fro4057d ago

dont make me whoop out my puppy face!!!!

Masta_fro4057d ago

a cod5 ww code for 360 for a killzone 2 beta code