Five Nintendo Predictions for E3 2019

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "...our predictions for what we’ll see from Nintendo next week in Los Angeles."

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Orbilator133d ago

Thi k it's gonna be the new machines and maybe roblox support :) god know my kids want roblox on switch so bad lol

PhantomS42133d ago

I would probably die if Animal Crossing gets delayed. My guess is a mid-December release. I would guess we see either Bayonetta 3 or Metroid Prime 4 with 2020 windows, possibly a February/March release for Bayonetta?

DwightSchrute01132d ago

I'm not getting my hopes up, animal crossing and the new Zelda remaster isn't enough for me. Need some new exclusives, Bayonnetta 4. New Mario kart, new switch pro.

As a lifelong Nintendo fan, as I watch Microsoft's e3, I may have to switch to Xbox if Nintendo disappoint again this e3.