WWE 2K20: 2K should give the WWE series a break - and reinvent the wrestling game

After WWE 2K20, it's time to rethink how wrestling video games are done. Oddly enough, they should be done like... Destiny?

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Hardiman1451d ago

Couldn't agree more! WWE just isn't what it used to be. With AEW and how hot Double or Nothing was and Mox jumping ship wrestling just got a whole lot more interesting.

Hopefully 2K can step back and really get creative and hopefully AEW keeps on rolling right into TNT this September and that in turn forces VKM to allow more creative freedom.

I'd love for AEW to get a game one day!

heyimkevinsully1450d ago

I would love to see one, too! However, I'm also glad that AEW isn't getting too ahead of itself and knowing that they have to build up their fan base past the rabid indie fans that came to DoN (nothing against the rabid indie fans, btw!) before jumping into making games and big things of that nature. So far, it seems like they're doing everything right.

Hardiman1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Yeah Mox's Jericho interview blew up and he won the IWGP United States Championship just the other day, so I'm glad he's actually living his dream.

Cody, Kenny, The Bucks and the Khans are definitely doing things the right way!
Competition will only elevate wrestling so I say bring it on. It's been twenty years since there was a legitimate competition to Vince McMahon so I'm very excited.

The game needs an overhaul but so does the whole WWE process. With more talent , Banks , Harper etc telling Jericho they want to talk to him, what Jon revealed and the awful blood money show that was Super Showdown, I'd say change couldn't come soon enough!

Maybe one day we'll have awesome wrestling games from WWE and AEW(heck give NJPW a full on wrestling game) but it wasn't indie fans at DON, its was just wrestling fans!

heyimkevinsully1449d ago

@Hardiman, you're right, man. I should have said "hardcore wrestling fans" instead, which is more accurate. But, while that's still a smaller number than the amount of casual fans the WWE draws in (along with us hardcore wrestling fans), it's still heartening to see that "hardcore wrestling fans" can sell out a 20,000 (ok, 12,000 - in wrestling, we round up, right ;D) arena.

While the current WWE product clearly needs help (understatement of the year), it's still an amazing time to be a wrestling fan.

Good talking to ya, dude! :D

zsquaresoff1450d ago

They need to make the game more arcade like and make the controls more simple as compared to right now where you have to hit multiple buttons to do a simple pin

ZombieGamerMan1450d ago

They need to drop the WWE license and make AEW 2K20....Well AEW 2K21 since we need to give them time to establish belts, and more arenas than just All In and Double or Nothing

heyimkevinsully1450d ago

Yeaaaaaaaaaah... I think you underestimate just how much money WWE has.

ZombieGamerMan1450d ago

Not much by the judge of things with failing ratings, removal of pyros, paying large sums to guarantee old beat up wrestlers don't show up at AEW and wrestle poor matches, and getting progressively cheaper and duller stage set ups, and paying talent to sit on their ass while they sit out their contracts. So not much by my guess, plus AEW got more money on them than WWE so I think they can offer a much better offer to 2K than WWE, would rather 2K take the license than EA

AK911450d ago

Tell that to the investors.

heyimkevinsully1450d ago

Oh, I know. Believe me. This is just wishful thinking. I'm not so naive as to think this could actually happen.