LittleBigPlanet Review: Eccentrically Endless

Nidzumi writes: "There have been a countless number of games that have promised a complete set of full user creation tools and have failed in delivering. Not only that but now developers are starting to throw around the term 'A Youtube of levels' a whole lot more. If past attempts have shown us anything it's that we are a long way off this kind of experience. That's why developers, Media Molecule have set the bar incredibly high from the get go for LittleBigPlanet.

LittleBigPlanet is essentially a simple side scrolling platformer but in practice it's a whole lot more complex than it appears. You control a fully customizable Sackboy as he ventures across numerous terrains and obstacles. It's not simply flat side scrolling as you can cycle through three different planes on the x axis as well. This can cause problems when game automatically re-routes to whatever plane has objects on and sometimes can hault your progress in said level. It's always frustrating when the game causes you to die but after a while you'll find ways to work around this problem. Meanwhile you'll collect objects, points and encounter a load of new and innovative platforming elements during the game."

+Brilliant Appearance
+Surprisingly Great Single Player
+Innovative YouTube of Levels
+Easy To Use Editor

-Laggy Servers
-Briefly Annoying X Axis

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ezcex4057d ago

This game rocks.

anybody wanna trade their nariko code plz.

Reshun4057d ago

That is until I've played it at my friend's house.. It's really addictive.