Everything Should Be Ported To Switch (And Other Wild Hopes For E3 2019)

Will this E3 be the year gamers hear about Final Fantasy XVI? Or get that long-awaited Metroid Prime trilogy Switch port? On this week’s episode of Kotaku Splitscreen, the staff shared their best guesses and most optimistic dreams about what will and won’t be revealed at E3 2019.

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leahcim41d ago

in your dreams of course !

Codewow41d ago

Id play halo CE on switch.

shauzy41d ago


SinisterKieran41d ago

with next gen this close..i bet less and less will be ported.


Most people play games on mobile and can't afford consoles, particularly the upcoming ones which will require a 4KTV to get the most out of them. Switch ports of old PS3, PC, and 360 games would be a HUGE step up for most gamers as they are coming from playing Pokémon Go or Fruit Ninja on their phone.

I buy almost exclusively Japanese games. Since Switch is the top selling console current gen console in Japan, it's a guarantee that ton of Japanese titles will be ported. Ni No Kuni is just the beginning. Trails of Cold Steel is next. So is Danganronpa. Stay tuned.

rainslacker41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

I've noticed this sentiment a lot that the Switch should get all these current gen games. Someone even wrote me a PM to respond to another conversation saying that the Switch gets almost all the current gen games already.

I don't know why people feel the system can even handle many of the games this gen, or why devs should lower their games to the Switch specs to make it run in the first place. If they want to great, but Switch is underpowered for this gens games. It lacks memory and GPU prowess, so if people are OK with that, they can buy the system, but it's silly to delude oneself to think that it's more capable than it is. Enjoy the games that are on it, as they are plentiful, just don't expect a RDR2 level of quality on it.

Even if they could port the game though, Nintendo stuck with a cartridge structure which costs more money to manufacture.

Hedstrom41d ago

It would be interesting to know how much the ported to switch games sell compared to the other consoles.


I know that Dead Cells on Switch outsold the PS4 version.

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