Game Focus: Project Aftermath Review

Game Focus writes: "Project Aftermath is a squad based Real Time Strategy game from a very small (three man team) indie developer called Games Faction. It is not very often that a small indie company can take on a game in this genre and deliver something new and down right fun.

Project Aftermath tells it is a little cliché but very good and actually compelling story through a comic style panel system. The story is simple, the big evil, called the New Order, has been out and about across the galaxy and conquering systems. The Morphid attacked and defeated the New Order, but in the ruins of their defeat the New Order sent their best and brightest to the Morphid home world and destroyed it. The few survivors of the Morphid have ventured out among the stars to take revenge and that is where you come in."


+ Play through the game several times
+ Clean and nice graphics, but environments could be a bit better
+ Fun level design
+ Good controls
+ Voice work is very good for an indie title


- Could be longer
- Audio is not very good
- Can not edit your controls
- No multiplayer

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