Sony Turns CDs Blu With New Blu-Spec CD Standard

Sony's back with a new format by the name Blu-spec CD. It takes advantage of (you guessed it) Sony's Blu-ray Disc technology to press new high-quality discs while somehow maintaining compatibility with regular ol' red-laser CD players.

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InMyOpinion3661d ago

"It does seem that Sony will kick out about 60 Blu-spec CD classics (Miles Davis' Kind of Blue for example) in December ranging in prices from ¥2,500 (about $25) to ¥4,200 ($42). Ouch."

Talk about being out of touch with the market. $25 to $45 for a music CD LOL!

HighDefinition3661d ago

I imagine it`ll drop, once it starts shipping Worldwide. It`s just been released in JP.

ceedubya93660d ago

I'm starting to get used to buying cds at 7-10 bucks a pop. And that's when I actually buy a cd period. downloading is a lot more common these days, and people probably aren't likely to spend that much.

I usually only use cds in my car because, well, that's the most high tech format it uses. Newer cars are coming mp3 ready though, so in the future there will be less reasons to even use the format than there are now.

socomnick3660d ago

This thing is seriously gonna flop. 20 for a cd, hell people dont want to pay 8 dollars for a cd.

season0073660d ago

and fill it up...
that would be 40bucks for 30CDs dude...

I don't know whats the point of releasing it if the only feature is SCRATCH FREE...

It must in someway on in other uses the large storage to justify the price...

maybe its for Classics lovers who want the best sound quality?
or maybe it has got a magic way to put 10 or 20 or 30CDs into on B-CD?

SaiyanFury3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Yeah I wouldn't exactly be disagreeing with Jenzo up there. 25-40 bucks for a music disc? As stated above most people don't wanna pay that, especially when often you're not even fond of all the music on a particular disc. People nowadays mostly get their music from sources online, be it iTunes or P2P.

Now on the tech side of things, if the music has a higher bitrate than 320kbps, I could see some audiophiles getting into the new standard. Lord knows what higher bitrates have done for video and audio in the home theatre department.

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HighDefinition3661d ago

That Bluray isn`t going away anytime soon.

hay3661d ago

Blue-spec CD compatible with red laser drives? Err, how... I mean, what?

Nevermind, I found how:

The Lazy One3660d ago

I'm not saying it's going out the window, but sony doing more research and development into similar technology doesn't mean it's going to explode onto the market.

flappo3661d ago

or rather is

and everyone's sick of sony's endless bullshit

md etc

DJ3661d ago

Then hard drives and flash memory ended up replacing MD the generation afterwards, i.e. the iPod.

kevnb3661d ago

I would pay 30-40 for high quality surround of Kind of Blue. When I say high quality, I am talking either lossless pcm or hd dts 7.1 surround.

hay3661d ago

I think it'll be just a bit better, not that much better.

tk3660d ago

Remember simple things...
This is the _manufacturing_ process. So it would mean the method of manufacturing BR disks, with the coating, will be used to manufacture CD's. The codecs etc is still the same as the CD always was - so no improvement in audio quality or anything. All it is about is to use the same manufacturing process to make CD's. The value you will get out of it is that the cost of manufacturing BR disks will come down - because of the mass use of the volume manufacturing. For the CD user the value will be that you will have your CD that is as scratch resistant as the BR disks.

That is in my opinion all that there is to it.

Raptura3661d ago

Kind of reminds me of how PS2's first discs were blue bottom, but they had issues! I know this has nothing sto do with blu-spec technology, but that's what it reminds me of.

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