Buy a PS4 Pro for $349 and Get 7 PS4 Games for Free

Thanks to Sony’s Days of Deals event that started today you can now grab a 1TB PS4 Pro for $349.99 and enjoy all kinds of ‘Dynamic’ 4K entertainment.

One online retailer is taking that deal further by throwing in 7 PS4 exclusives for free by buying through their website.


While the Pro is still $349.99, you no longer receive the bundle of PS4 games.

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magicted431d ago

Now that's a incredible deal if you don't have a pro. I would jump on it.

traumadisaster431d ago (Edited 431d ago )

The games are what $10 each on eBay? Next year prob $5 each? Play them with improved frame rate, resolution and loading times next year.

Save the $350 plus tax and add $100 to it next year and buy a ps5?

$350 is almost there for a full ps5 next year, now would be a bad time to sink 350 when it could be used for a ps5 soon.

meep316431d ago

This reads like a Seinfeld style rant lol

rainslacker431d ago (Edited 431d ago )

It's a good deal if you want a PS4 now, or want to upgrade to the Pro now. Not everyone wants to wait a year, and I'd imagine that those buying in now, aren't going to see a $400+ for the system, and $60 per game as a better value than $350 with 7 games.

This is a good deal. Doesn't matter what else is in the works down the line. The games in the deal are some of the best the system has to offer.

TheGamez100431d ago

You make a fair point. The ps5 is around the corner. If you do already have a ps4 then yeah, Id definately save up for a ps5 instead and last gen games will definately be much cheaper by then. Otherwise its a good deal if you want a ps4 right now.

Christopher431d ago (Edited 431d ago )

I'm not too far from traumadisaster's thinking.

I just paid $299 for an Xbox One X w/PUBG.

This doesn't seem like the best deal, especially coming from a long-time PS4 owner who already owns all those games. It's really for people who don't own PS4 but it's more expensive than the alternative when it's on sale that is better for 3rd-party games as far as power.

I'm likely just going to wait for the PS5 and stick with the One X until whatever MS comes out with is on sale for a good price. Best of both worlds for me in the long term.

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Elda431d ago

There may be folks that don't want to wait a 17 months for the release of the PS5,they can take advantage of the deal now & when the PS5 releases they can take the Pro & trade it in for partial payment towards the PS5 or give the Pro as a gift to a family member & buy a PS5.

Christopher431d ago

***There may be folks that don't want to wait a 17 months for the release of the PS5***

I don't think anyone here thinks their opinion of the 'deal' is the only opinion. People definitely can want and get this now and it's perfectly fine. We're all different folks here.

kayoss431d ago

Did you not read? He said, if you dont have a pro yet.
For those who have been waiting to get a PS4, I think this is a very good deal. unfortunately i have a pro and majority of the games already.

thejigisup431d ago

If someone had never owned a PS4 they would be crazy to not want to purchase this. Why wait until next year presumably when the ps5 launches to play these games. We already know what kinda game Sony plays when it comes to launching quality games so there will be no shortage there. Let's also not forget how many people still have these massive backlogs. If youve never owned a PS4 and haven't played these games you'd be a fool to think you'll have that much time at launch for maybe $5 a game lol buy this shit.

BayAreaBird431d ago

Or you can wait 20 years, play these on PC. Oh wait! No, I want to play these now.

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Relientk77431d ago

That is an insane deal, wow

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PhoenixUp431d ago

The retailer is a madlad

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