Pocket-Lint: Wii Music review


"It might sound like a recipe for disaster, and perhaps it is, but there is something inherently lovable about Wii Music, something that taps into the X factor that Nintendo have captured in their console: it's fun. Normally I'd claim that Gears of War is my type of fun, but I have not laughed so hard as I did playing Wii Music, and that says something.

But with Wii Music you get the feeling that the laughs might not last that long, especially if you don't have anyone else to play it with. Those first few hours of gaming fun soon pass and you are then faced with that choice of trying to make good music, or putting it aside for the next time you have friends over.

It's a welcome relief from the sometimes hectic pace of other music titles, where you can fail or let the side down if you lose your way in a track. Wii Music doesn't take itself too seriously and that's why it works. It is perfect for kids young and old to enjoy together and you can't help but feel it will be a Christmas hit."

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