Downloading of games soon to be heavily punished?

Today you can download games for your PlayStation Portable, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 2 and Nintendo DS. Only the PlayStation 3 remains spared from piracy. While downloading games is illegal of course, there isn't much done to stop it. But if it's up to the French government downloading illegal stuff will soon be severely punished. Click on read more for the full story

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Bren864054d ago

Piracy will never be stopped.

chasuk084054d ago

It will if the government severely fine you or even put you in prison. People will soon stop.

Bnet3434054d ago

You can get fined and you can go to prison. Just because the government will do it doesn't mean jacksh*t.

Bren864054d ago

People get fined and sent to prison already for piracy...Nothing new. Nothing will stop Piracy.

chasuk084054d ago

Well the government need to inforce it properly then.

Perjoss4054d ago

"Piracy will never be stopped"

You are probably right, but there is also nothing to stop publishers or developers from taking individuals who illegally download games to court and giving them heavy fines, or worse.

Ice2ms4054d ago

Depends what government your talking bout - my government at the moment could give a flying monkey about piracy in case you didnt notice the economy is collapsing. So while they are pre-occupied Ill pirate what I please. Anyway the chances of me getting caught are slim to none. BTW befre any of you flame me for being a pirate - I don't download games (I pay for my pirated Xbox games xD)

kindi_boy4054d ago

piracy will never ever stop ever, i really believe that every house with internet/teenager someone remotely related to technology in general is pirating something, games/movies/shows/music/progr ams anything and everything.

i don't live in the US and i've never set foot on it's soil and i watch what americans watch on TV everyday not bad at all am not pirating anything simply because when the networks get paid for commercials they don't count ME in them. and nothing airs anything worth it here.

thank god for torrent best thing ever created after the wheel.

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yog-sothot4054d ago

I live in Belgium, right next to France, so I follow that story closely. I'd like to add that European Union deeply disagrees with such a law, so it might change quite soon... And as Bren86 says, that won't stop piracy. Games less expensive, interesting DLC, micro payments, monthly fees, special editions... Those are ideas that could diminish piracy imo. Not stupid laws or technical crap like DRM.

pavarotti4054d ago

and they are very strict here. also quite a few sites are blocked nowadays.

yog-sothoth....isn't that name in stephen kings "needful things"?

Yi-Long4054d ago

... and way over the top.

People download because of the heavy pricing and software-protection (DRM) etc.

Plus lots of people download to check if a game will work on their system, or to watch a movie/series/tvshows (Colbert Report) that isnt released in their country.

Console software I buy. PC software I download.
Movies (DVD) I buy, (anime)series I download.

McLuvn4054d ago

Keel Haul the scurvy dogs.

4054d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.