TheStar: Fallout 3 review


"Fallout 3's menu system doesn't help with the flow of it all much, either. Clearly mapped for a limited-button console configuration, you call up your wrist-strapped menu all too often to manage everything from your inventory, your quest de jour, maps, weapon selection and the like, which is handy in the management sense, but also tedious and distracting, especially in the PC version of the game that practically screams for a quick keystroke or mapped mouse button to swap from Laser Pistol to Laser Rifle (or anything with a bit of ammo left in it) rather than a pause, select, scroll, swap, unpause. That said, the Xbox 360 control scheme couldn't be any better. Pfft, consoles.

Despite these irritants, Fallout 3 is certainly a huge game with serious legs; tons of action in unpredictable spurts, a fair amount of intrigue and unremitting role-playing goodness. It's big time bang for your buck considering how long it takes to play -- and then replay with a different, perhaps malevolent disposition from the get-go. Or perhaps you just want to own a house with a robot butler. Go nuts."

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