How Skyrim Saved Me From Depression

BY MICHAEL DENTON: This isn’t a sob story about how I became depressed. This is me reaching out to people who may find their safe haven in a video game, just like I did.

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nucky6443d ago

great story - read it - very uplifting. nice to hear the good things that games can do.

BoneMagnus43d ago

Good read - the game served as a healthy distraction to be able to get through a tough time in his life.

And now he is married and has a great job - he is living life and games as a hobby. He didn’t allow gaming to become an addiction and take the place of living a real life.

I read a similar article about Zelda BOTW helping get a guy who was depressed and suicidal through a rough time.

Cobra95142d ago

That's why it seems so familiar. I remember the earlier story.

Problem is, this may have easily gone the other way. The game is a distraction, and without real-life events coming into the picture somehow, distraction may have become his life, until it was too late. I wonder how many people have ended up in this same scenario, but without a way out of it. They wouldn't be writing blogs about it. They'd just be a silent, isolated mess.

william_cade43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

Video games are awesome. I got lost in Bloodborne and doing so helped ease some stuff. I hear you.

lucian22943d ago

I don't have to read it. I just know it involves alot of mods from Loverslab and napkins

TargusX43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

And this is the reason why we should never stop selling physical copies of games - as to some its a life line of sanity, and often an escape to a better place.

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