Time to Sell Your Copy of Gears of War

Chances are your copy of Gears of War is about to get very dusty if it hasn't already. Now's the time to sell. On the other hand, if you've never played GoW, and you want to know what all the excitement is about, now's the time to pick up the original. Included are current values (good for if you're looking to sell or buy) and recommendations.

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JimmyJames704049d ago

While I agree with you, my question is, will you ever play it again? Does GoW have replay value after the sequel is released? Or, do you just like to look at it on the shelf?

Excalibur4049d ago

for the fourth time now in preparation for Gears 2.

bgrundman4049d ago

I agree with you too! My wife and I are playing through it for my 4th time and her first. Amazingly enough, she loves it!

Excalibur4049d ago

It's me and my Girlfriend this go around and she loves it as well.

solidsnakus4049d ago (Edited 4049d ago )

dissagree, geow is a god game but once the sequel is out theres absolutely no reason at all to play it. i actually sold it along time ago because the multiplayer was so hard to get into, mainly because i couldnt play with friends online ranked. in the second one you can so its a huge imporvement.sorry but 30$> it being worth 1$ and playing it again maybe once a few years from now.

Voozi4049d ago (Edited 4049d ago )

So by your logic JimmyJames I should sell all my NES, Genesis, Gamegear, Gameboy, PS1, N64, PS2, etc, games since they're all collecting dust now since I'm too busy playing my PS3 and 360 games and have no plans on replaying them?

Going back on topic to Gears of War, I have no reason to sell it because my friend and I are going to replay it the day before Gears 2 is out, beat it real quick, then we'll be prepped for Gears 2. Course our Gears 1 copy will be collecting dust however, the next time we plan on playing it is when Gears 3 comes out and then we do Gears 1, Gears 2, for preparation of Gears 3 ;D (remember they said Gears was a trilogy I believe so we'll see a #3) and so once the trilogy is complete...if I were to sell Gears 1 then go by your logic and sell Gears 2 for Gears 3...I'd only have Gears 3 and be missing the other 2 parts of the series?

That's like're gonna sell LoTR Fellowship of Ring for Twin Towers, then sell Twin Towers for Return of King, then be missing the other 2 parts of the LoTR trilogy and have an incomplete set lol, that's kinda dumb imo...

solidsnakus4049d ago

ive never understood you so called "collectors" i call it keeping junk. so your logic of keeping the game is so you play it again before the next game comes out? i would agree with you but gears!??!? theres absolutely no story in there at all. look ill remind you of the story so you dont have to play it ok ? locust appear, you kill them, they end up not dying conviniently only to appear in the sequel. end of story.

selling gears 1 for 30$>>> having it be not even worth 5$ and it wasting space.

Excalibur4049d ago

you may feel like that is true but bottom line the game was a load of fun to play.
A game that is fun to play is a game worth keeping.

Sitdown4049d ago

You have to realize that having it and not needing it, is better than not having it...and wanting it. The prices that they buy certain games for are not even worth my I end up keeping most of my games....just in case I want to revisit it. Anyhoo.....hearing your words would lead me to believe that you do not own a lot of cds, or dvds.

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bgrundman4049d ago

I wonder how well this will sell on friday, any theories?

JimmyJames704049d ago

Record numbers, I'm sure.

xaviertooth4049d ago

you might be thinking this is vgchartzzZZZZ!!! GTFO here and make your stuupid guessing game there.


sold mine last week for Dead space- didn't regreat it one bit. i am looking forward to gears 2.

Excalibur4049d ago

A fantastic game so it was a good trade.

Munky4049d ago

The most you will get is 2 bucks, the buy back policy is a joke at EB games and other "gaming" shops.

JimmyJames704049d ago

Read the article! And you wouldn't make comments like that.

Munky4049d ago (Edited 4049d ago )

I did, and I still wouldn't sell it. I personally like keeping my collection to display in my living room, just like my dvd's and my cd's.

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The story is too old to be commented.