Omen of Sorrow Developers respond to anger over Epic Store exclusivity

From GameWatcher: "Omen of Sorrow is an upcoming horror/lore-themed beat-em-up in the vein of Mortal Kombat, and it seems like it's going to launch as a permanent Epic Games Store exclusive on PC. As soon as the developers announced this via Twitter, things went tense.

The game's PC port is, as it seems, at least partially funded by Epic, and the commenters have not taken kindly to the developer's announcement."

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Rachel_Alucard908d ago

Looks like a crappy unity mobile fighting game.

Acecalibur908d ago

Its a very so so fighting game. The demo made me so sad. I had high hopes.

Rangerman1208908d ago (Edited 908d ago )

I thought the game was okay, though DEFINITELY not worth $50. $30 would have been fine, since the content is probably on par with Battle for the Grid right now, and that game only costed $20. That, and I'm not a fan of the soundtrack. It's just generic metal music, and with characters are based on popular literary monsters, I expected some creativity with the game's ost.

CatCouch908d ago (Edited 908d ago )

I had interest in playing this. PC gaming is something I'm very interested in and I'd love to play it on PC but Epic exclusivity is something I don't want to support.

Edit: Just read the tweets from the developer. No way I'm touching this game with how insulting they are being.

phoenixwing908d ago (Edited 908d ago )

their replies aren't even insulting you're just salty and/or entitled. take your pick. telling someone they're mad it's not on someone's particular store or saying someone is salty isn't tantamount to insulting someone. That's a very insecure point of view

Edit: However, what they did isn't very professional. Usually you want to kiss up to practically everyone when you're a business. They should have just not responded or said a blanket statement on the matter.

CatCouch908d ago

I did buy the game on the PS4 a while ago but I don't play my PS4 much these days. I'm getting into PC gaming so I would be interested in buying it on Steam. Insulting people who don't like Epic is something that pushes me away, though.

PR really does matter. The responses from AOne and them blocking people is one of the reasons I don't want to use the EGS. There is so much negativity around it I just don't want to deal with. They even blocked me... Not a good way to deal with customers.

killswitch80908d ago

probably tired of toxic man childs throwing a fit over something that can still be played on their PC ...the entire thing is ridiculous...future regenerations will laugh at how silly people are being about that.

phoenixwing908d ago

Well i hope you enjoy your pc games and yeah theyre acting unprofessional but some ppl act like they killed their cat or something.

TheRealTedCruz908d ago

Just read the tweets from the developer's twitter account. Whatever child is posting off of it is going to sink the game all on their own.

908d ago
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