Boomtown: Rising Star Games Q&A

Boomtown writes: "A chat with the folks that generously brought No More Heroes to Europe. We talk Japanese games, the state of the industry and which genre should be forever banished...

With multi-billion dollar publishers like EA and Ubisoft dominating the headlines, it's seldom indeed that we hear from the companies whose products make up the minutiae of the videogaming landscape. And that's a shame – not merely because the biggest of the big hitters sometimes fail to match up to their marketing, but because relatively fringe outfits, unconstrained by the need to recoup huge investments, can be focussed – indeed, must be focussed – in a manner alien to more corpulent peers.

What they lack in resources these smaller publishers make up in resourcefulness, tailoring their games to demographics often overlooked by the big fish, consumer minorities generally homogenised into one, amorphous mass market. Good news for gamers repelled by the one-size-fits-all publicity of EA and its ilk."

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