PS4-exclusive Omen of Sorrow is coming to the PC via the Epic Games Store

DSOGaming writes: "Following Journey, Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit Become Human, another PS4 exclusive game is finding its way on the PC. AOne Games and Epic Games have announced that Omen of Sorrow, a new 3D fighting game featuring 2D gameplay that is powered by Unreal Engine 4, will be coming on the PC via the Epic Games Store."

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AspiringProGenji904d ago

this was never announced as an exclusive, but nice clickbait and introduction. I am sure Sony is hurt right now

thatguyhayat904d ago

This online game is soo dead

italiangamer904d ago

First of all almost no one has ever heard of this title, second the games that you mentioned in this trashy clickbait article are still property of Sony and they themselves agreed to put these on PC after getting payed by Epic as you can see the Sony Interactive Entertainment label on the games pages.

The competition titles should be too called EX-clusives since you can play basically everything without even owning the damn console.

W4rfight3r903d ago

Hmmm Microsoft with Steam and Sony with Epic Game Store
Is this how it's gonna work?

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