EA PLAY 2019 Live Stream

Here’s the schedule for the live streams (all times PDT):

9:15 am: Countdown to EA PLAY

9:30am: Star Wars™ Jedi: Fallen Order™

10:00am: Apex Legends

10:30am: Battlefield V


11:30am: EA SPORTS Madden NFL

12:00pm: The Sims 4

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Platformgamer840d ago

i've nothing to do today, so i'll watch this trainwreck

ravens52840d ago

Agreed. Hopefully Star Wars is what its supposed to be though

Platformgamer840d ago

after the battlefronts and the cancelled star wars SP games, being interested in a star wars game made by EA is pure sadomasochism

840d ago
Godmars290840d ago

And I've got washing to do, then shopping. But I love trainwreck (of the wholly non-literal trainwreck verity).

RpgSama840d ago

I'll see only the Star Wars one, nothing else, I thought that Anthem was supposed to have a presentation too, I guess they don't care anymore

UltraNova840d ago (Edited 840d ago )

Yeah I was expecting at least a minute of Bioware's time saying they are working hard on it and some upcoming stuff, you know show they are still committed...

It looks like Anthem is dead.

PS: Anyone else got some Uncharted and Soulsborne vibes from the Star wars demo?

No Way840d ago

There's your lil Anthem spiel.

Poopmist840d ago

I took a nap instead. A good decision as it turns out.

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Smokehouse840d ago

Oh sweet I thought it his was tomorrow. I’m curious about the new Star Wars game but that’s about it.

Christopher840d ago

It does feel like a lackluster lineup other than Star Wars. Essentially one new thing and all the other really old stuff that we tend to hear news about regularly as it is (or are annual fixtures for the last 3).

ziggurcat840d ago

Star Wars is really the only interesting thing on that list.

SegaGamer840d ago

I can't see myself sticking with this if this guy is going to be like this all of the way through.

Ratchet75840d ago

Greg Miller hosting this??
What happened to him?

Parasidious840d ago (Edited 840d ago )

Not a fan of the movement mechanics. It looks really wonky and jerky.

Parasidious840d ago

Still doesn't change what it said.

Papafynn840d ago

Yeah but that is the kind of polish you add in the last months of development. It looks good....a Star Wars Story

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The story is too old to be commented.