Cliff Bleszinski Just Doesn't Understand Mirror's Edge

In an interview with GamePro, Cliff Bleszinski did his usual Gears of War talk, but one thing stood out towards the end of the interview, his lack of understanding concerning EA/DICE's upcoming FPS/FPR(Runner) Mirror's Edge. Bleszinski went on to say "I think Mirror's Edge will be great, too, but they're showing me too much parkour, I want to see the gunplay. I hope it's not all just running and jumping. As long as there's something chasing me...even Mario had Goombas, you know?". Many might be able to see how Cliffy may be a bit TOO addicted to guns and that you don't necessarily need a TON of em' in order to have a great and, in Mirror's Edge's case, beautiful game.

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Le-mo4048d ago

First Metal Gear Solid 4 and now Mirror's Edge? Honestly, Cliffy B wishes he can make games like those.

hay4048d ago

I bet he was disappointed by Mario.

bviperz4048d ago

Mario ate the fire flower and started shooting out flaming snot bullets. Then he was partially satisfied. Only partially.

MURKERR4048d ago (Edited 4048d ago )

love the brutish, sweaty,big gunplay all the way, elegance or being different scares him why you think gears of war2 is hardcore 360 owners most anticipated title? facts speak for themselves

Pain4048d ago

None Violent gore~ish games wtf...

sonarus4048d ago

This guy is fake as they get. So without shooting a game can't be great

ryanjtravis4048d ago

I think Cliff is pretty much a douche too, but your comment doesn't make sense: he mentions specifically that "even Mario had Goombas" (which implies that he enjoys Mario, and the enemies made it a good game).

I think he's just assuming that Mirrors Edge is all about running/jumping and there is no action/enemies involved. Clearly, he hasn't played the demo because that's obviously false.

Mr Fancy Pants4048d ago

he thinks that the game is just parkour and nothing more. that's why he says "I want to see the gunplay" and "As long as there's something chasing me", it's obvious he hasn't played the demo or anything of the game.

the tittle is a little bit misleading and people are simply jumping out to criticize him without finding the logic first just because he made an awesome X360 exclusive.

don't be fanboys! or if you're going to be one then go to the open zone, as the name suggest, is open!

now bring all the disagrees!

Drano4048d ago

Cliff Bleszinski should keep his mouth shut once in a while. He could use that extra-time to put more than one-liners in Gears of War's scenario.

Jump Beyond.

Elimin84048d ago (Edited 4048d ago )

Just wish he would shut the [email protected] up. I know these are last gen, but ICO and shadow o.t.c were great games with no GUNS... "JMO"

Danja4048d ago

So because this game is actually original and it focuses more on platforming with little gunplay it sucks for Cliffy , he is so arrogant it aint even funny...

I played the ME demo and it was quite good...

gaffyh4048d ago

@CliffyB - STFU...please....

I bet he doesn't understand LBP either, retard. He's probably like:

"What so you go through this game without guns!?!? wtf, I don't understand it!!!! NEED MORE GUNS AND GUYS AS WIDE AS BUSES"

FrankenLife4048d ago

I'll admit the game looks very beautiful. Ultimately I will hold off judgement until I can play the game, but I feel like the only person who isn't impressed by the concept of the game. I have a hard time getting past the description, "it is like a fps, except without the guns". This game may very well turn out to be amazing, but I am not expecting it to be. I'll be sure to give it a rent though.

-GametimeUK-4048d ago

well he doesnt have to worry about lbps lack of guns... if he wants guns in the game he can make one

FCC4048d ago

This is one of the hugest spins on a news title ever. It's not that he doesn't understand it, it's just that it's not his particular cup of tea. He's already known to like shooting games, let him make games about that and let him think what he wants.

You can't penalize him as a bad developer for doing he does best and being interested into things he likes making/playing: shooting games. He's great at making shooting games and coming up with ideas for it, he's pretty ambitious as far as I know, he might not be the most humble developer but he's definitely not a bad one.

You guys always bad mouth games like Gears of War 2 and Halo 3 being "manly man, bald space marines alien generic shooters" or something to that extent, whether you guys know it or not, you are indirectly insulting your own favorite games and it shows your fanboyism.

What's Resistance 2? A shooter set in alternate historical America after WWII.
Who's the Chimera? An alien race trying to kill all humans
Who do you play as? Nathan Hale, a soldier

What's Killzone 2? A shooter set on the planet of Helghan.
Who's the Helghast? Essentially an alien race of soldiers.
Who do you play as? Cpt. Jan Templar, a soldier.

What's Halo 3? A shooter set all over the universe and Earth.
Who's the Covenant? An alien race that once helped the Brutes fight you but now are allied to help you defeat the Brutes and the Truth.
Who do you play as? Master Chief, a soldier but IN A SUIT!!!

What's Gears of War 2? A shooter set on the planet of Sera.
Who's the Locust? An alien race that was fed up with humans slowly destroy their home planet of Sera by drilling for Imulsion.
Who do you play as? Marcus Fenix, a soldier.

Pretty much, they're all the same with the exception of Master Chief wearing a super awesome suit that rivals Samus. They're all great games but with the same cliched storylines, and somewhat same gameplay.

f7897904047d ago

I dont see what's so great about this game just like some people didnt see what's so great about LBP. I'm currently addicted to LBP and really dont care whatsoever about Mirror's edge.

loki_ns4047d ago

To go out on a limb here...

As much as I think CB can be a douche, and he should keep it shut about other developers (totally unprofessional) I'm gonna have to agree with him on this one...


tplarkin74047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

I agree loki_ns.

If there are no guns, then you are just running the whole time. The videos look like Half-Life 2 without guns. It's not really a game.

Milky Joe4047d ago

Okay, the guy has an opinion, that's fine. I have opinions to and I quite like that fact so I'm not going to make any kind of attempt to disallow his. What I am not happy about is how this guy's opinion is worthy of a whole news article. Every other day has some comment from this prat on their site and I'm fed up of seeing it. He reckons he's some kind of celebrity and people shouldn't be encouraging him like this. I'm not necessarily blaming him (he doesn't control what people write about), but something tells me he quite enojys all of this attention. Keeping your mouth shut means that when you do say something, people pay more attention. Maybe he should take that on as a personal motto. Might help him.

ultimolu4047d ago

Cliffy is an idiot. -__-

BWS19824047d ago

Mirror's Edge needs to be bigger, badder and more badass.

(sarcasm, the demo is beyond sweet)

militant074047d ago

MGS4 one of best game ever made.
but mirrors edge cant be compared to gears if you played both of them.
for me i didnt like mirrors edge at all. stupid enemies , stupid story.

osamaq4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

I played the demo an its was great but.. I totally Agree with you Bleszinski after a 20 min playing running and jumping you will ask your self what next?!!! , even prince of Persia(which is based on jumping) have action ,tomb raider , Assasins creed ...etc

CrAppleton4047d ago

I know he's making great games as well.. but I think he's being overly criticle of others.. not everyone wants to be GOW. That said.. I'm happy that GOW is around, its fresh and fun.. but I still like other types of games.. Mario doesn't need to start carrying a freekin chainsaw or anything

I_am_rushin4047d ago

Not everything has to have a point. It can just be fun.

godofthunder104047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

Le-mo said that cliff wish he could make games like mgs4 and mirrors.I don't know where he has been living,or maybe he's just a ps3 fanboy that act childish and can never admit positive news about the 360 and negative news about the ps3 because he's bias.The fact is that cliff made gow and it's a hell of a lot better then mirrors and just as good as mgs4.I played the demo of mirror's edge,so has my brothers,son,friends,and cousin and out of the 11 of us only 1 like the demo.

To say that mgs4 is better the gow is understandable but not fact.It's his oppoinion and that's it and i respect it.I think that gow is a lot better the mgs4.I think that mgs4 has a stupid story line and to much cut scenes.This is my opponion and not facts.To say that mirror's edge is better then gow is crazy and bias.I know that every one has their own opponion and i respect it like i said before.When ps3 fans claim that mirror's edge is better then gow is just bias and saying it because gow is on the 360 and it's childish. Le-mo would say that gow is better then mgs4 if mgs4 was on the 360 and gow was on the ps3 and this is fact.

Fanboys from both sides act childish and they are both bias.The ps3 fanboys just want admit that sony does the same thing as microsoft when it comes to selling their products.hell not long ago sony was caught makeing up a game critic and have him give 4 star rateings to all their movies.A ps3 fanboy was crying about a commercial that microsoft had about the 360 saying they were missleading the customers and act like sony never does anything like it.

The fact is that sony made up a movie critic to give all their movies a 4 start rateing and they got caught doing it and it's a fact.Ps3 fanboys never bring that up.When microsoft has a commercial showing a game but not showing a 360 with a hard drive.Instead they wrote on the bottom of the commercials that a hard drive is needed.This is the same thing as cars and every other company does in their commercials.Ps3 fanboys jumped on the net and starting to write articles about how microsoft is missleading the people.The same people want admitt that sony right out lied about how good some of their movies were with their made up a movie critic to give all their movies a 4 start rateing.This is worse then missleading the people like ps3 fanboys are sayiong microsoft is doing.The fact is that sony lied to the movie fans with their made up critic.this is fact.people need to check up on it before they call me a lier.The people that claim it's a lie never checked up on it.The same people would agree with me if i said microsoft done it and it's pittifull to see people act like kids.

Ps3 fanboys are saying that cliff is bias for his game and should keep his mouth shut about other games.The same ps3 fanboy agree with the creator of mgs4 when he trashed the 360 and said that the ps3 is a lot better then the 360 and claimed that mgs4 is the best game before it was even released.I don't see any difference in the two creator.Cliff brag about how great his game is and when the creator of mgs4 said that it was the greatest game even before it was released and trash the 360 on top of that.This prove that ps3 fanboy has a double standard and so does 360 fanboys.The creator of mgs4 claim that it wouldn't work on the 360 because it isn't powerfull enough and this was proven false.The company that relesed mgs4 said that it could be put on the 360.The only problem is that it has a lot of cut scenes.The fact is that when a game has cut scenes that is as long as the game is just stupid and the game could have done without 25% of them..He also claimed that mgs4 is a new kind of game and it's just the same old shooter that has a movie in it instead of just a few cut scenes.

The point i'm trying to make is that all fanboys all bias and it's a fact.The same ps3 fanboy that claim that mgs4 is better the gow would say the opposite if gow was on the ps3 and mgs4 was on the 360 and vice versa with 360 fanboys.Fanboys also act like kids with news.ps3 fans would say that every negative article about the 360 is true and positive news about it is false and every positive news about the ps3 is true and every negative news about it is false and 360 fanboys act the same way and it needs to stop.

Fans from both system should jusy enjoy the system and game they have.They shouldn't even worry about the other one because it doesn't concern them.I admitt that i have a 360 and want trade it for a ps3 for anything.I like the 360 a lot more then the ps3 and i think that it is also better.This is just my opponion.I know they have people that like the ps3 more and i'm happy for them and i hope they enjoy it because it's a good system to.

To tell people that has the opposite system that they are stupid,dum ,crazy or any other name just because they have the opposite one is childish.The most ridiculious article that i've every read was from a ps3 fanboy.he claimed that the only reason that people bought a 360 was because they couldn't afford the ps3 because they were to poor.This is just A stupid thing to say.The fact is that a lot of people buy the 360 pro instead of the ps3 and they are about the same price.Fanboys from both sided need to act their age.Just because they claim their system is better doesn't mean that it's true.

TheDude2dot04047d ago

He obviously doesn't understand M.E. if he thinks there are no enemies.

BWS19824046d ago

a few people above me are saying mirror's edge had a stupid story? That's funny, I thought the DEMO relayed a DEMONSTRATION of the game, not the full story. People jumping to conclusions around here, where the hell is your logic?

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Pennywise4048d ago

I'll say it first:

This guy reminds me of a nerd who landed a good job and now tries his hardest to act cool. I am not impressed.

After seeing how "innovative" he is with his games, I do not find it hard to believe he understands anything.

A one trick pony usually only understands one trick.

badz1494048d ago (Edited 4048d ago )

praise DICE or tell how Mirror's Edge is a different approach of FPS genre eventhough if he doesn't really get it. at least DICE produced a great and fun-to-play FPS, Battlesfield Bad Company and then came with a slightly different approach with Mirror's Edge! In the othe hand, Epic only produced shooters and that's the only thing where they excel! they even fail to adapt a good story for their games! now I know why...because all he thinks about is about GUNS! Damn this CliffB guy should really learn how to appreciate/respect other people's work!

Megaton4048d ago (Edited 4048d ago )

I think they refer to him as Douche Huge now, or was it Dude Huge...?

That's kinda funny that he doesn't understand it and says there's too much non-gunplay. Kinda wedged himself right into the stereotype of "MOAR GUNS OR GTFO".

HULK... not SMASH?

theEnemy4048d ago

Cliff Blezinski =/= Cliff Bleszinski


0verdrive4048d ago

nice one

i agree with what most everyone is saying, its pretty pathetic that he cant accept anything other than a shooter. "what?! no guns?! how can that possibly work in a video game?!" typical short attention spanned adrenaline junkie modern day video gamer. :yawn: gtfo cliffy.

ProperFunked4047d ago

He himself is a "douche Nozzle" (its in one of his many interviews on GT)

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Fishy Fingers4048d ago

I thought the point of Mirrors Edge is it offered an escape from the usual "shoot-um ups".

For a designer he seems to have quite a narrow view.

Pennywise4048d ago

I think any gamer on this site will agree with that. I get in trouble for using the DB name, so I wont call him that today... but we all know what the deal is.

kindi_boy4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

after playing the demo i pre ordered it and can't wait for it to leak out to play it ASAP

Lucreto4048d ago

Its not really a FPS she takes the gun and you only take a few shots and then she will disgard it.

NJShadow4048d ago

Well, that's the conflict with Mirror's Edge. It's really hard to classify it. Crap, I wish could just classify it as GORGEOUS. =)

hay4048d ago

Ah, LBP classification patterns. Bubbles mate.
I did enjoy Mirrors Edge demo, must buy for me.