Battlefield 5 avoiding Nazis is a political statement, whether EA likes it or not

Battlefield 5 introduced DLC Elite character Wilhelm Franke, with EA releasing a statement addressing the statement claiming it wasn't trying to make a "political statement." But not calling a Nazi by its name in 2019 is a statement in and of itself.

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Smokehouse678d ago

Because actual nazis aren’t nazis anymore, your political opponents are lol. “Wow this guy is such a hitler!”. After watching a bunch of DDay stuff yesterday I was reminded about how full of shit these people are.

mezati99678d ago (Edited 678d ago )

now imagine these people living in WW era lol

Smokehouse678d ago (Edited 678d ago )

To be fair they would be completely different if they grew up back then. They are spoiled by the deeds of people like them. They have to create their own enemies and make up their oppression as they go. They don’t have any real threat to their way of life. But to them it’s the worst shit ever. “These last 20 something years have been the worst in history!” Lmao. It’s all they know and all they care to know.

starchild677d ago

“Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And, weak men create hard times.”
- G. Michael Hopf

Cobra951677d ago

Love that quote, starchild. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Sophisticated_Chap677d ago

The irony is that you could argue that Sweden are a country of Nazis since Sweden is very socialist, and the name Nazi, is actually the short form for saying National Socialist.

Varodor677d ago

You could?? can you demonstrate?

PapaBop677d ago (Edited 677d ago )

The Nazis link to socialism starts and ends with their name. They are fascist and even drew their inspiration from Italian fascists like Mussolini.

677d ago
Dragonscale677d ago

The ironic thing is that socialism is just as bad as fascism tbh. Identity politics is poisonous regardless of the side using it.

SamPao677d ago

Wow. Holy.

MTVBG677d ago

Sweden is NOT socialist. Let's be very, very clear about that.

Scandinavian/Nordic socialism is a myth. It does not exist. These countries are more capitalist than the USA and the UK.

Andy_Dee677d ago

I don't know sophisticated you are but that grammar isn't.

Hahah 😂 👌

Sweden was neutral because it was shitless scared of Nazis.

Reefskye677d ago (Edited 677d ago )

None of you even know the difference it seems, having a few policies that could be classed as socialist are not a bad thing, ask anyone is the UK the NHS is a good thing it's a socialist style health service care for everyone not for the few. Its like calling China a communist country when that country hasn't practised communism for years, it's a dictatorship with a capatlist economy. Socialist policy ain't bad it's then people who run the country who are bad. There has never been a true socialist country as they always turn in to dictatorships calling them self's "communist" in other words the only difference between the US and China is their government

The US doesn't care anyway aslobg as you practise capitalism they frankly do not give a shit. A country that prides itself on being free and wanting democracy for everyone. China, Saudi Arabia the list goes on prove that isn't true

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bluefox755677d ago

I've lost count of the amount of times that I've been called a nazi online for saying that I support things like free speech and presumed innocence. Ya know, things that used to be considered liberal ideals.

Eonjay677d ago

This so much.
People are obsessed with drawing others into their bullshit.

william_cade677d ago

I think neo-nazis are scum and nazis were scum, but to ignore it in a historical game is ignorance on the verge of idiotic.

Scatpants677d ago

Wouldn't want to offend any nazis or something.

The_Blue677d ago (Edited 677d ago )

Go create your own game then and quit being such a nazi sjw.

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