Google Stadia will have similar latency to Xbox One S

Games run via Google Stadia won’t suffer from worse latency than their console counterparts, despite the fact that it’s a streaming service.

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Nitrowolf2130d ago

Wouldn't that be situational though given not everyone runs on a controlled connection?

crazyCoconuts130d ago

I'm still very dubious on that claim. I'm sure if you picked a game that was poorly optimized on console and you were liberal in interpreting what type of latency we're talking about maybe. But in general I'll be surprised if this is true.

Razzer129d ago

Same here. Most folks don't have a google datacenter in their backyard. Google is making a lot of boasts. I don't think they realize how savage and unforgiving the gaming community can be when they are lied to.

Palitera129d ago (Edited 129d ago )

Yup. Just a blatant, obvious, ridiculous lie.

IF they had a console with local proccessing, the powah of the cloud could be used partially, yes.

But connection latency exists and it alone proves Google is lying very hard.

129d ago
Christopher129d ago

Calling BS. There's no way they can claim that unless they specify minimum specs that likely won't apply to most regions in the U.S. Even some major cities will be limited because they have upload limits compared to others.

meep316129d ago

they are also purposely using vague language and taking advantage of their information monopoly, luckily gamers dont seem to be falling for it.

2BlackBelt129d ago

Is that referring to the frequency of games?

129d ago
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