Top 10: Ways Bethesda can better Fallout 3 writes: "We love Fallout 3, and believe it to be one of the strongest games of 2008 - no small claim, given the quality of so many recent releases. All the same, there were a few things that nagged us while we explored the Capital Wastelands... so without further ado, we present our wish list of 10 improvements we'd like to see in the next game in the series."

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Mr PS34052d ago

That's your No1 Way Right There

ASSASSYN 36o4052d ago

Add higher rank progression levels equal to oblivion. Even though books and some misc. missions can provide perks and skill increases

Provide ways to repair exclusive weapons such as the alien blaster.

Add multi-player co-op (yeagh right)

Other than these minor issues the game is perfectly setup for game of the year.

cpuchess4052d ago

Reduce the number of mole rats(look more like beavers) and wild dogs then increase the number of raiders. It just seems silly to have these things attacking you but they aren't attacking each other.

JS1HUNDRED4051d ago

No matter how good a game is, some jerk always has a problem with it. Why cant people enjoy good games for what they are. Seems everyone has been too spoiled with good games, and nothing is good enough for them anymore.

You know what? Im not even reading this article...