What Might We Expect From The Evil Within 3's Story?

KeenGamer: ''The first two games in The Evil Within series have created a truly remarkable horror setting and have established interesting and complex characters. The narrative that has been crafted appears to be culminating in a dramatic conclusion. With The Evil Within 3 hopefully on the horizon, what might we expect from its story?''

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gangsta_red547d ago

I really hope we do get an Evil Within 3. Part 2 was one of the best games I played this gen and a huge improvement over part 1 (which I shitted on).

georeo547d ago

I think the first one was better in terms of the horror aspect.

UltraNova547d ago (Edited 547d ago )

Yes I agree, the 1st had a more frightening setting, it felt more dreary than part 2.

Part 2 was a more complete, competent game if you like and had more "artsy" phycological story and scares but part 1 was drenched in tension something I didn't feel during my part 2 playthrough.

The only scene that stuck in my mind from part 2 was the soda dispenser in the dinner... remember that?

Edit: Has anyone played Layers of Fear 2?

mikeslemonade547d ago

After EW2, no more evil withins please. EW2 is one of those games that is a franchise killer.

mandingo547d ago

Yea I loved both. The first for the horror and monsters and the second game for better story. Did evil within 2 sell well to get another sequel?

Yui_Suzumiya547d ago

Yeah.. The story was very emotional and impacting for me. Absolutely loved and nearly cried at the end. Wowser. Who would have thought a horror game would do that? 😲

KyRo547d ago

Im the opposite. I loved the first,more linear approach. The semi open world Ness of the second just didn't work at all for me. It lost most of its horror because of it. It was good when you back in them confined spaces but to much emphasis was put in those open areas.

UltraNova547d ago

Agreed... These type of games benefit greatly from tight spaces and general linearity.

MasterChief3624547d ago

For some reason, I was not nearly as invested in the second game's story. I think the more open-world nature of it, for me, took away a lot of the narrative draw and focus. The first game was more linear, but the story was also a lot tighter for me. The story in the second game, from what I played (about 10 hours) just didn't grab me. If the game didn't grab me at that point, I lament if it did get a lot better and more focused. In the first game, I found the central objective much more interesting, and the way things devolved and warped gradually and ending with something almost straight out of Inception... it was just an amazing experience for me.

It takes a lot to get me to stick with a horror game from the beginning to the end, but The Evil Within was one of the rare gems that did. Just a perfect storm for me of combat, fun, horror, and an excellent story. The Evil Within 2 is a more typical example of a horror game that didn't grab me enough to push through the anxiety. I have been meaning to try it out again, though. It's been a year and a half since I last tried it. Hopefully now with my expectations in check, I can sit down and get through it. I remember loving certain aspects of it.

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-Foxtrot547d ago

They need to bring Seb back but with the way Evil Within 2 ended I understand how people might think his story is over

However Joseph is a loose end, along with Leslie/Ruvik so my guess would be that they both find out he's still alive and go look for him, Seb knowing he owes it to him as his partner OR Ruvik acts out his revenge by kidnapping Kidman and Seb in a new, updated version of STEM having the game come full circle while tying up loose ends.

Adding the first games atmosphere and the sequels semi-open world design together would be great to see.

DarkOcelet547d ago


Joseph may be a loose end but i think Seb's role is indeed over. What we will most likely see is the third game with Kidman and Joseph as the protagonists and both are playable characters with a zapping system of sort and with how crazy STEM can get, we can get two scenarios with different environment all together depending on who you are playing as since STEM can affect what every person is seeing. What I loved about TEW 1 was that it wasn't grounded in one environment and every place you went to felt different than the last so i hope that element returns.

Also one of the most interesting elements that I would love for it to be explored if TEW 3 ever happens is the deeper level of STEM that Sykes most likely went into because if that deeper level of STEM was the reason horrific shit like Anima exists then I would love to see what else could be there.

There is so much potential as to where TEW 3 can go and we still don't know if Myra is dead or not so that could be an element that comes into play as to how Ruvik might force Seb to return to STEM.

-Foxtrot547d ago

The way see it if Kidman and Joseph comes back along with Ruvik/Leslie while also dwelling into of Myra is really dead then Seb can’t be left out if it, it would be weird

If it was an all brand new cast and all loose ends were tied then fair enough but I think Seb has one more story left in him.

Silly gameAr546d ago (Edited 546d ago )

@Dark Ocelet

Thank you for being respectful enough to use the spoiler tag.

criticalkare547d ago

Hopeful for 3rd game announcement at this e3

Blu3_Berry547d ago

This is honestly the one game I am praying for to be announced at e3 this year. As others mentioned, there are a few loose ends they need to wrap up and I really hope we can see a final 3rd installment to wrap everything up.

VerminSC547d ago

Evil within is so underrated, I loved the first 2!

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