Fallout 3: Video Comparison - 720p

See how the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Fallout 3 compare.

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Beg For Mercy3635d ago

they really look the same when the trophy patch hits im getting this

chaosatom3635d ago

the media just likes to declare superior version too much.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3635d ago

That's exactly what I think and the worst of it is that the users follow them faithfully.

TruthBTold3635d ago

There is no need for a comparison, they are identical. I gotta get this game after LBP and I finish playing the hell out of R2. BTW I didnt read the articles and Im just curious but why was it that the PS3 version got a lower score in reviews? Not that it really matters but just curious. Anways looking at it in HD reall caught my attention, this year is just becoming so expensive.

Sarcasm3635d ago

Actually no they are not identical. Sadly, the PS3 version has zero anti-aliasing while the 360 features at least 2x.

I don't know what the heck bethesda was thinking.

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Darkseider3635d ago (Edited 3635d ago )

The game looks the same, period. If anyone was to nit pick at all it would be that the XBox 360 has SLIGHTLY (as in stop and stare) better textures on some of the environment. The PS3 has SLIGHTLY (as in stop and stare) better texture on NPC clothing. OOH ahhh OOOH wow! NOT. The game from what was shown in this side by side video is freakin identical. Again for anyone to say otherwise is being nothing more than a nit picky snot fanboy. When the game is moving and playing there is no dicernable difference at all.

EDIT: This story should be approved just to put an end to the which version looks better. It just puts the topic to bed nicely and we can all go enjoy gaming again.

Viper73635d ago

I doubt the versions are all that much differend, there are some framerate problems in Ps3 version but its bossible that x360 has them too but dunno since havent played.

There are some odd differences in the game tough, just look at this

However Fallout3 and Oblivion are not games you should buy because of the graphics, the graphics are mostly in area of "good enough" but when comparing it to level of detail in Uncharted or Geow youll know what I mean.
The real streght of these games relies in their openness, and variety of ways to deal with sitsuations and maybe real roleplaying where you can actualy play as a person that you want to be, if some npc annoys you, blow his/her head off
(if the npc is important to main plot or a child, your in tough luck tough)

Foliage3635d ago

If you are referring to the one frame rate issue in the video, if you noticed the PS3 user quickly spun around when getting in the level and the 360 user didn't move at all. Obviously spinning quickly when getting in a level will cause the frame rate to fall it is common sense.

For some reason the PS3 user was moving a lot quicker than the 360 user. Hey was also get a lot closer to surfaces.

I don't know why during the comparison they had the player moving through different times of the day too. With all things considered they look just about the same, except to fanboy eyes.

Hellsvacancy3635d ago

Its great im havin loads of fun

Mr PS33635d ago

From The Washed out Colors To Crappy Texture's And Its also Blindingly Bright on the Xbox

By Far The PS3 is the Best Version
And it's About Time A True Comparison Video was Made
To Show how Bad the 360 Looks

3635d ago
Maxned3635d ago

Can't you be UNBIASED FOR ONCE?!


You are both pathetic examples of the human being.

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