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Blades of Time was a mess of a game in 2012. In 2019 for the Nintendo Switch, it hasn’t seen many, if any upgrades. You’re better off skipping this game.

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lellkay1642d ago

Why anyone would buy this on a system that has access to Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 i'll never know.

Orionsangel1642d ago

This was a mediocre game that was not well received and never sold well. Humble Bundle even had it for a $1.00 at one point. Let's remaster it for Switch? Why?


Blades of Time - The Game that Time Forgot

Blades of Time launched 10 years ago today, and has been all-but forgotten since. That's a shame however, as it had some interesting ideas.

Snookies12593d ago (Edited 593d ago )

I actually enjoyed what I played of the (prequel, I think?) X-Blades. It had some really rough edges, but what was there was quite fun to be fair.

kevco33591d ago

X-Blades was the first title, Blades of Time was a sequel (with a very different look!).

gurp591d ago

I played X-Blades a little, but never even heard of this game

annoyedgamer592d ago

Definitely from the better days of gaming. Just look at her...

CrimsonWing69591d ago

Actually looks female, I almost forgot they did character designs like that back in the day.

drizzom591d ago

Said the same thing myself. I run into lots of games nowadays that try to run as far away from what a female looks like (some games are even afraid to call them female in character creation lol).

Godmars290591d ago

Only it exemplified a problem that in turn got over exaggerated by social political exploiters.

annoyedgamer591d ago

Only in America is an attractive female considered a

SeTTriP591d ago

Stop voting Democrat wolves in sheep skin.

And I'm a inter city black American by the time we realized it, it was to late and they Trojan horse that $h!t.

Godmars290591d ago

The only "problem" the game had was that its only real selling point was an attractive female.

FreeckyCake591d ago

It's an okay game, not the best, but not the worst either. I found that the game got annoying towards the end, especially that final boss fight. But hey, compared to X-Blades? Blades of Time is a huge improvement. Just look at the cover art!

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