Japan Charts 27/10 - 02/11




1.GTA IV [PS3] -> 122.000 (NEW)
2.Valkyrie Profile: The Accused One [NDS] -> 74.000 (NEW)
3.Little Big Planet [PS3] -> 47.000 (NEW)
4.GTA IV [360] -> 38.000 (NEW)
5.Wagamama Fassion Girls Mode [NDS] -> 38.000/125.000
6.Pokemon Platinum [NDS] -> 37.000/1.831.000
7.Gran Turismo 5 Prologue: Spec III [PS3]-> 34.00(NEW)
8.Rhythm Tengoku Gold [NDS] -> 33.000/1.001.000
9.Chocobo's Dungeon DS+ [NDS]-> 28.000 (NEW)
10.Wii Music[WII] -> 23.000/164.000

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Xheratuul3659d ago

360 is last again and beyond.

3659d ago
dro3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

looks like the ps3 bounced back after being out sold, but sales of LBP is crap,i expected more.

theKiller3659d ago

what happened to the 7 weeks in a row?? i think ps3 in 1 or 2 weeks will make it up for all 360 price cuts and JRPG advantages.

didnt we all said that japanese r waiting for the LBP bundle??

dj_funky3659d ago

thats because they got the LBP bundle my friend.

Joejoefhosho3659d ago

PS3 sales in one WEEK just outdone all the sales in the 7 weeks lost

Don't get it?

Total PS3 sales last 8 weeks > Total Xbox360 sales last 8 weeks

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3659d ago

PS2 - 6.800
xBox 360 - 6.300

BLUR1113658d ago

it's sad that japan is so nationalist

FAQS3658d ago

Poor xbots, making a magnific party when in the past weeks, xbox360 sold well (???) in japan, and now seeing their party didn't last long, and is completly doomed! HAHAHAH!
to blur: if japan is nacionalist, what to say of the US: they prefer a deffective 40% failure rate home console because is american!........

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Darkseider3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

The PS3 in one week undoes 7 weeks of "strong" XBox sales. This trend of strong PS3 sales is likely to continue as well coming into the holidays and with the upcoming release of WKC. Although I am sure the boost was due to the new bundles I am wondering how the numbers next week will be? Granted probably not as strong as 36k but would be interesting to see if it's a flash in the pan or has some staying power.

EDIT: Nintendo DSi... omgwtfbbq... 1st day 171k. Sold out on day 4. 200k total units sold. That is just amazing.

Dweg3659d ago

Kinda like 360 demolished Ps3s YTD lead in 6 weeks? :P

Doppy3659d ago

WTF happened to the PS3 sales. Little Big Planet and Gran Turismo. OK. I think Little Big Planet will be one of those games that starts off really slow, and gains momentum down the road. It will sell extremely well eventually hopefully 3 - 4 mil.

sunnygrg3659d ago

^^ Thanks to Palin not being the VP, and becoming every kid's childhood crush.

gaffyh3659d ago

Lol, where's TheMart's article of PS3 hits a new low this week? huh?

Good sales, but I'd expect better for LBP, guess it's not as popular as we thought it'd be in Japan

sackboy says hi3659d ago

looks like the ps3 bounced back strong. Im sure thats due to the LBP bundles;but to be honest i expect more sales from LBP.

chasuk083659d ago

Exactly, for the last 7 weeks or so 360 fanboys have been cheering over the fact they outsold PS3 by 2-3k. And in one week PS3 sales almost as much as 360 did in all those weeks.

Socom3659d ago

This chart is EXCLUDING LittleBigPlanet bundles!

And this chart shows yet again why 360 fanboys do not want to face reality.

7 weeks of cheering and trolling. They dont even know how insignificant the 360 sales are in Japan. They are truly clueless.

Oner3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

@Dweg "Kinda like 360 demolished Ps3s YTD lead in 6 weeks? :P"

Uhhmm...? I do see a ":P" in there so maybe I don't get it but it is a bit confusing in your meaning (is it sarcasm or ???). Could you explain where you get this "info"? Especially when the numbers show this ~

PS3 YTD: 5,228,764

360 YTD: 3,872,185

season0073659d ago

but no Japan has never change, they see the game they like, they buy it, and yes like very other country they have the home country biased too so they would support nintendo and sony more than microsoft..

It is just not hard to imagine PS3 just needs some big title from animation..robots, gundams, cutie girl know, things they love, to pick up momentum

at the end of this generation, no matter how hard xbox360 try, it can outsold PS3 for a lot of weeks like this time does...but the difference will be easily undo when there are Japanese-centered games around ...

Dweg3659d ago

Sorry should have clarified, In the US. It took less then 2 months for the 360 to pass up the Ps3 for YTD sales in the US despite the Ps3 leading almost all year long. Same story different region.

Jecht3659d ago

What are you smoking? You wish the 360 beat the PS3 in anything this year. The PS3 has dominated the 360 for a long time now.

Gam713659d ago

Lol, it took a big release for the ps3 to finally beat the 360 in sales.

Now before the defence force comes out in full, oh you're already here, fairs fair as that was the same whiny excuse I've heard since august.

Danja3659d ago

7 weeks of 360 dmoination >>> 30k sold...
1 Week PS3 SOLD >>> 36K..

BTW PS3 GTA ran circles around the 360 version..

wonder how much bundles were sold ??

cmrbe3659d ago

but i really doubt it will remain the same. I think it will go back to the usual 10-15K weekly after this because this week saw the release of GTA4 and LBP.

The only way for Sony imo to consistently sell 30K up weekly in JP is to release JRPG on a regular basis like MS are at the moment.

In just 1 week the PS3 negated the lead the x360 did in 6 weeks. I think its really time for PS fans to not worry about MS in JP anymore. The real fight is with wii.

As for LBP. True i expected more as well but LBP is a new IP and no one really knows how well it will sell especially in JP. 47k is pretty good.

Gam713659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

Lol when facts fail you make it up.

So can someone tell me how the 360 only sold 30k in 7 weeks when it has been at 6-8k each week?

week ending 13th sep it sold 28k.

Remember that?
no of course you don't gets in the way of you spreading lies.
and didn't it sell 15k one of those weeks as well?
so in one week the ps3 managed to beat the 360 for a comparable week in sales by 8k. With its biggest system seller.

Come back when you learn to have memories that last longer than the screen you're reading (maybe invest in a ds and brain training) and you can tell the truth.

The only thing negated by this information is ps fans credibility.

Edit below:
It was 200,000 ahead before the price cut so I would like to know what it is now as well.
I would say still ahead but not by much at all.

Oner3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

@ Dweg "Sorry should have clarified, In the US. It took less then 2 months for the 360 to pass up the Ps3 for YTD sales in the US despite the Ps3 leading almost all year long. Same story different region."

NP Dweg, but from my understanding the PS3 is still ahead in US YTD sales (by only about 200,000 but still ahead). If it has changed please link some sources/information to correct me & others. Thanx.

FCC3659d ago

LBP isn't as big as everyone thinks it was in Japan, this is why you don't speak for a demographic when you're not part of the demographic... You come off very wrong and somewhat racist.

I can say "I bet the Japanese would love these quirky crazy games like LBP"

and than I can say "I bet the African Americans would love these shooting, driving games like GTA IV."

Both are stereotypical and somewhat racist and probably wrong. Though it did push hardware. GTA IV on the PS3 is not really that big of a surprise for me, people do have more PS3 in Japan than the 360. It surprises me though that GTA IV for the 360 has 1/4 of the number of purchases than the PS3. If the 360 never had surges of life before, GTA IV for 360 wouldn't even be on that list.

barom3659d ago

Yea seriously PS3 is still in the lead in the US. If we were to call pretty much all those neck in neck leads a tie, since they were pretty much at most a 5-10k difference and both won pretty much the same amount of months. Then the two months with biggest differences were in June and September.

In June PS3 outsold 360 by 185.7k consoles (PS3 sold 405.5k and 360 sold 219.8), largely thanks to MGS4.

While in september, 360 outsold PS3 by 115k. Where 360 sold 347k and PS3 sold 232k. Largely thanks to the price cut.

So we can see clearly that the difference between those two numbers are around 70k in favor to the PS3. I highly doubt those neck-in-neck numbers would do anything close to that for the 360, in fact there's even the possibility that the 360 were outsold there as well if we were to count up all the months. As I vaguely remember that PS3 won Jan, Feb, April?, May, mentioned June and possibly July. While 360 won March, August and September. Those last are off the top of my head and could be wrong but yeah. I'm confident PS3 is still in the lead in the US.

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Lucreto3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

I was just doing the math

LBP was out on Firday 31st October so these scores show only 3 days of sales.

From the 6th September to 2nd November the 360 sold 84,547 units.


From the 6th September to 2ed November the PS3 sold 85,436 units.

Thats a difference of 1,089 units.

Both consoles did well overall.

NOTE: My figures are from VGCharts and not to be taken as 100% true.

gunnerforlife3659d ago

wait with that all that copies of GTA 4 sold does that mean the ps3 version has sold more??

Lucreto3659d ago

I forgot to put in the GTA4 as another reason and I said above my results are only as accurate as VG charts sees it. I don't believe these results are fully correct.

Omega43659d ago

I wonder if those PS3 sales will plummet like they did after those MGS4 bundles released

The only difference here is the boost is from not just one game but 3 games and 3 bundles, also with the Last Remnant 360 bundle coming up the PS3 might not be ahead for very long

Lucreto3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

But knowing it will be out on PS3 next year will lower sales. It will sell a lot of games alright but machine maybe not. People who are RPG fans would have bought 360 for TOV and IU so extra console might not move.

Don't forget WKC will be out a short time after.

Expy3659d ago

Last Remnant will sell better on Playstation 3 in Japan, for obvious reasons.

WhittO3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

lol, think someone is trying to come up with excuses for the hopes that the 360 will, somehow sell more than ps3, even though the 360 price is already like £80 in Japan and is still being largely outsold overall.

They might aswell give free 360s with games purchased, since they are not far off the price of a game over there lol!

Jecht3659d ago

The 360 only sold well because of a few RPG's. Did you really think it was going to last?

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