Kojima: Death Stranding Is a “New Genre;” Similar to How MGS Was Called Tactical Espionage Action

Since the latest reveal of Death Stranding left fans with plenty of questions, today Director Hideo Kojima took to Twitter to clarify how he feels about the game’s genre.

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Relientk7739d ago

Hey, don't hate on that. It's how we get our games in the mail on release day.

DaDrunkenJester39d ago

If you live in an up stairs apartment, I want to see them use ladders to climb to your balcony to deliver it.

gangsta_red39d ago

Baby Flashlight Ghost Hunting

Potnoodle99939d ago

Game looks incredible. Cannot wait Kojima!

smolinsk39d ago

Does Kojima himself know what this game is about? Nothing makes any sense with this game, I think it's gonna be the same when you play it, you don't know what the hell is going on..

Thundercat7739d ago

Are you joking? Just because you don't understand it you think the developer doesn't understand it? What kind of retarded logic is that?

You clearly doesn't know Kojima. Any Kojima fan knows how he likes to manipulate the media and confuse everyone. This is normal business for him.

NarutoFox39d ago

Retarded logic 😁😁 I've heard it all

Juusterey39d ago

obviously if we don't understand after a few trailers
the people behind the games don't either
get it?

smolinsk38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

No it's like he is just making it weird for the sake of weirdness, typical Kojima the last couple of years, medicure games that's just way too surrealistic and weird that only a stoned and high Kojima knows what's going on.... Not fun to play, not player friendly games. The last 2 or 3 games have been that way.. His fan group has gotten very small and only the most hardcore fans are gonna enjoy this.

It's nice that he is trying new stuff and pushing the creativity barrier, but it's just not fun to play his games by now.. Go make a movie instead..

Ratchet7539d ago

May I recommend games like super Mario, Pac-Man....
They shouldn't be to taxing on you.

KwietStorm39d ago

Can only assume you're trolling

smolinsk38d ago

No sorry to disappoint you, the things I'm saying are what's gonna happen, wait and see, the game is gonna turn out a little to artsy to enjoy..

KwietStorm38d ago

"the game is gonna turn out a little to artsy to enjoy.."

I don't even know what that means..maybe the plot is too far over your head to enjoy what it is? Regardless, this is what Kojima always does, so there's nothing out of the ordinary here. You're basically falling for all the misdirects and layers to the story before it's even been released.

smolinsk38d ago

It's like surreal art to be exact..
It just look and feel exactly like his last two games, boring and not fun games to play because they became to dreamy and surreal..

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The story is too old to be commented.