Editorial: How UploadVR can Lead the Way for Virtual Reality

Jacob St-Amour from Link-Cable Writes: "The newest presenter to the E3 festivities caters to fans of virtual reality experiences as UploadVR will showcase the best upcoming projects for all VR headsets. We’ve seen many companies show us great unique VR experiences, but there has always been a void for virtual reality-specific titles and this year, we will finally have that and there is quite a lot of hype surrounding this presentation. During a brief preview, Upload discussed as to what will be shown and how it will be delivered, but what intrigues us the most is how this may lead the way for all of virtual reality gaming from here on out. "

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Apocalypse Shadow44d ago

We need some websites to lead the way. Most major websites either don't review VR games or get someone dunderhead to review games when they're not even invested in the platform.

I hope upload surprises with fun and exciting games to look forward to and hands on impressions.

JACOB_LC42d ago

I totally agree with you, however, headsets do not come cheap which makes it very difficult to make content for it. :S

Apocalypse Shadow42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

These websites and YouTube personalities get free game codes and free hardware all the time. Or patreon supporters giving them money just to watch which is crazy.

As for cost, even PSVR gets as low as $250 with games and used as low as $150. Windows MR gets that low for PC all the time. They're not that expensive.

But more advertising for VR would mean more growth. Ign, GameSpot, etc aren't poor. They got money. They just need a push to preview and review more.