EA accidentally gave a Battlefield 5 Nazi the same name as a real WW2 anti-fascist

The Wilhelm Franke character will be renamed, but EA also insisted that he's not actually a Nazi anyway.

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Mikeyy45d ago

I'd rather see some new God damn maps then worry about some epic characters fucking name be the same as somebodies else. We are like 8 months into this "live service".

Majin-vegeta45d ago

Wow..BF V players and you guys arent up to fluff on what came out today?

AnotherGamer45d ago

They released a new trailer with a bunch of new maps hours ago.

Sophisticated_Chap45d ago

Not to mention that the anti-fascist was probably a commie anyway, so people are just wasting time splitting hairs over nothing.

45d ago
ShadowWolf71244d ago

He wasn't, but then again you don't care much for facts in this affair, do you?

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Majin-vegeta45d ago

OMFG what a bunch of damn sensitive crybabies.Its a freaking game FFS by this notion.We should stop using Hitler&Stalin to portray them since they killed hundreds of people.And rename them to mini moustache guy and long moustache guy.

Eonjay45d ago

No I think they are saying its matter-of-fact mistake. Nothing more. They aren't freaking out. That would be you lol. Calm down. It would be the equivalent of naming a KKK character MLK Jr. It wouldn't work and would be awkward and they would obviously want to change it if it did happen. It would become political where that is unwanted and unnecessary. .

rainslacker45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Wilhelm is a very common German name. It's a variation of the name William. Wilhelm II was the last german emperor, and ruled Germany until close to the end of WW1, and it's isn't uncommon for many to name their offspring after who's in charge, although the practice is not as popular as it once was. Franke is also a very common German surname to this day.

Why is it people seem to think that every potential correlation means an absolute correlation? I mean, if John Smith was a famous civil rights activist, would using that name for a racist criminal in some form of media immediately mean disrespect to the real life person behind it?


It probably wouldn't work in media, but Martin, and King are also both very common names, and chances are, there are going to be some racists with that name.

A WWII anti-fascists is a lot more of an obscure reference though, and unless someone pointed out the correlation, I doubt anyone, even in Germany, would have likely noticed. I'm sure if we really looked into it, we'd also find some actual Wilhelm Franke's in the nazi ranks. MLK is a much more prominent figure and is one of the most influential people of modern times.

Dixiedevil45d ago

But let’s be honest here, most people that fought and apposed actual nazis would be labeled “fascist nazi scum” nowadays anyway.

TheColbertinator45d ago

You got a point. Many of the people who fought and wiped out the Nazis were communists.

sparced45d ago

General Patton: "We've defeated the wrong enemy".

2pacalypsenow45d ago

Kinda different when you’re a conscript.

Sophisticated_Chap45d ago

Certainly many were low down dirty commies, but in the west, most were Classical Liberals and Conservatives, which is who I believe Dixiedevil was referring to.

rainslacker45d ago

Communism and Nazism are very different on ideological levels. Communism isn't inherently "evil" in what it supposedly achieves, just the way it works out tends to be heavily corrupted, and it's goes heavily against the ideals of things like capitalism. Socialism has some things similar to communism, but their practical application is different, and socialism doesn't preclude capitalistic ventures.

Dragonscale45d ago

Communism killed over 100 million people last century and is absolutely the road to hell.

TheColbertinator45d ago

Honestly I hate both ideologies so much. Morally bankrupt, rights restrictions and they both eventually lead to more disaster and systematic massacres. I had hoped that the 21st century would forget these but they've simply returned to the political front of every major world government.

milohighclub44d ago

@ dragonscale dude over 100 million natives died when the Americas were invaded, how many have died since? Millions as a result of 'the war on terror'
A couple of hundred thousand in Japan due to nukes. That's just off the top of my head never mind the other 200+ years America have been at war.

But nah, communism is 'absolutely the road to hell' 😂😂😂

It's not the politics that are the problem it's the dictators, the oppressors and the war criminals in charge that are the problem.

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Kostche45d ago

depends what side the coin you are on

2pacalypsenow45d ago

Well BF5 is not historically accurate so it fits right in.

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