WorthPlaying: Tom Clancy's EndWar 360 Review

WorthPlaying: "Tom Clancy's EndWar is partially a game and partially a tech demonstration. As a tech demonstration, it works pretty great. I had only a minimal number of technical problems with the headset, and a lot of them were my own fault. With that said, I have a rather generic voice, and I can't promise that this will hold true for anything with an accent, so please try the demo before you buy. As a game, it is rather fun, although a bit simplistic, and its real strength lies in its online, not offline play. The persistent online EndWar will keep players busy for much longer than the single-player campaign, and the fun of trying to stop a Russian invasion or to take over Washington, D.C., is significantly higher when you know that the enemy commander who you just stomped is a real person. While EndWar could also be fun for offline play, this is certainly a game you'll want to pick up for its online component."

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