Nintendo Really Doesn't Understand Online Play

Super Mario Maker 2's multiplayer is just another example of Nintendo squandering its potential. Why can't it get online interactions right?

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MrSwankSinatra1465d ago

Nintendo are literally the most incompetent company I've ever seen try to attempt online, the OG xbox is vastly superior in online and online features than Nintendo in 2019. what a joke.

Neonridr1465d ago

At least they are giving us online play period. While I agree it's strange they won't let us play with friends and only strangers, I guess I will take that over no online play period.

Who knows, maybe by the time MM3 comes out they will have figured this whole thing out, lol.

PhoenixUp1464d ago

Nintendo now wants people to pay for its incompetent online service

That’s the biggest joke

gtxgamer21464d ago

But yet people are paying for it, that's all that matters to them. No point fixing something people will buy anyway. But yes I agree with you

SLiSH831464d ago

Just let MS put live on the switch for all online play.