Apple's Gaming Devices Need a New Name

Loot Ninja writes:

"This problem occurred to me a few weeks back when I was writing a review for an iPhone game and I felt that it's unfair that the iPhone is the device always named when it comes to reviewing games from the App Store. Because of this, I have decided to include the iPod Touch in all of my future reviews. The iPod Touch is just as capable of playing games as the iPhone."

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iiprotocolii4049d ago

We need a new name for the unification of iPhone/iTouch as a gaming device. I go for iPlay or the iPwn.

Just my two cents.

fiercescuba4049d ago

how about iPay. 10 bucks for sudoku and tetris?

Pain4049d ago

but in my books the bathroom is still the bathroom even though i do alot of reading there, i wont call it my library.

dubbalubagis4049d ago

The DSi is able to surf the internet, play music and what not...would you than not call that a gaming device?

SaiyanFury4049d ago

I never buy anything Apple. I'll stick to my PSP. It can already surf the internet if I need it to, and it does everything I need from a portable media outlet.

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taz80804049d ago

One thing though the iPhone will need to work on its battery lie if it wants to play in the handheld market better, the DS lasts forever compared to the iPhone. Not sure how the touch compares?

dubbalubagis4049d ago

The battery life on the iPod touch is pretty crappy too. The battery life is one of the few things holding it back.

anubis124049d ago

IsuckIE sounds good to me.....only people with Iphone that i have scene are the poor people who walk around with it glued to there hand thinking there the sh!t because they have a they just left save-a-lot and get into there 1991 ford contour

iiprotocolii4049d ago

You can walk into a bar and whip your iPhone out and _pretend_ to look cool. You can't drive your Ford Contour inside a bar and do the same now, can you? Save-a-lot has great discounts! Why pay $5.00 for a box of Fruit Loops when you can pay $1.00 for a bag of Fruity-O's? Psh. It's called economizing.

Btw, the iPhone serves as a good calculator/notepad for when you do go shopping at Save-a-lot (i.e. food list, total cost spent) and as a GPS for the Contour. You fail!

anubis124049d ago

buy a note pad and a pen for 2 dollars a a calculator for 3 dollars at save fail

iiprotocolii4049d ago

Hmm... buying paper that runs out and a calculator that would work for a week. Times that by 4 and then by 12. 5x4= 20x12=240. That's what you'd spend a year in Save-a-lot for a paper and pen... the price of an iPhone. You fail.

Back on topic, the iPhone is awesome.

Odie4049d ago

iiprotocolii - That was great. Logical to. :)

I've got nothin' as far as names. OK... Jive ...As in Jonathan Ive. Maybe not... :(

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