EuroGamer: Resistance 2 Review

In the great console wars of the 21st century, the exclusive first-person shooter is an elite paratrooper regiment, pushing deep behind enemy lines, paving the way for the long-term advances, claiming back enemy territory and banging the propaganda drum every step of the way. Resistance: Fall of Man, launched with the PS3, wasn't quite up to the job. It was a good soldier, but not an inspirational leader.

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Liquid Dust3636d ago (Edited 3636d ago )

I was expecting lower from Eurogamer. Im pleasantly suprised, though it should def be higher in my opinion. Reviews in general wont stop me from playing this game. You just cant help but love Insomniac as a developer and be crazy about their games, and who the heck in their right mind doesn't love Ted Price?

Theo Paphitis3636d ago (Edited 3636d ago )

I wasn't expecting a lower score.

I knew it'd get a high score from EuroGamer.

Theo Paphitis always knows.

Theo Paphitis3636d ago

See i knew it.

Every black actor want's to be Kirk Lazurus after seeing Tropic Thunder.

Downer Jr. FTW.

XXXCouture3636d ago

^^^^^^^^^^^^ omg hahahahahahahahaha that was so freaking funny

Perjoss3636d ago

"Im pleasantly suprised, though it should def be higher in my opinion. Reviews in general wont stop me from playing this game"

So, you have not played the game yet but you think the score should be higher, ok that makes perfect sense.

barom3636d ago

wow I expected a lower score too. Eurogamer always give out really weird scores.

Liquid Dust3636d ago

I'll give you that one

Perhaps I should have said...

"I'm pleasantly suprised, though it should def be higher in my opinion since Insomniac has a reputation of producing incredibly well made software such as RFOM/Ratchet, and from the beta gameplay I assessed that the game was truly something special. Reviews in general wont stop me from playing this game."


If not, i really don't care, I'm picking it up tomorrow anyways and I'll enjoy it for sure

Bubble Buddy3636d ago

I was expecting a 7. They gave the first one a 7 right? I just played the first few levels and man is it awesome. Insomniac fan boy forever.

Perjoss3636d ago


to be honest I'm not 100% against fanboyism, if someone loves a particular piece of hardware and feel they want to express that then fine, but in the process they should at least make some sense or give valid reasons as to why they think console A is better than console B. Sorry if I sounded a bit like an Anti Fanboy Policeman, that wasn't my intention.

to answer your question: I just had a fat tuna sandwich, so yeah, I'm feeling quite satisfied fanks :)

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Mr PS33636d ago

They Did'nt want to Rate it Higher than Gears now Did They !!

InMyOpinion3636d ago

Insanity strikes again...

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3636d ago



i.e I GOT LittleBigPlanet!!! ;-D ;-P ;)


sunnygrg3636d ago

The review is great. However, I dont give a crap about 'em at the moment. Already invested 5 hours into the cooperative gameplay, and people, I will say IT IS EPIC.

BTW, the Chicago streets' coop level is AMAZING, and insanely a team affair. By any means, play it.

ultimolu3636d ago

Eurogamer? O_O


But this game deserves it. This is one of the best games I have ever played. I'm going to fry some more Chimera tonight. :D

RPG Guy3636d ago

Seriously, I've played plenty this gen, and this thing trumps all! Insomniac deserves the highest of praise!

Pennywise3636d ago

I played this game from 5:30-12:30 online coop. I played like 30min of campaign too.

All I can say is no review matters. I love this game. Gameplay is good. Coop is fun. The party, clan and community system in game is the best I have seen on the PSN.

This game is a must buy for any FPS fan that owns a PS3.

Fox013636d ago

At last someone that talks about Resistance without mentioning Gears...
If you have a PS3 and like shooters, then just pick this game, you can't miss.

Pennywise3636d ago

I dont even see the comparisons with these two games. Both have guns that go pew pew?

I like R2.. good stuff. I like to say stuff like this just to make sure if I am right or not. Good thing there are good people here to let me know they disagree and I am wrong, I dont like R2.

Chuck Norris3636d ago

I was expecting an 8 from EuroGamer.