Resident Evil 4 port on Switch is Worth Playing at a High Price - Metro

One of the most beloved games of all time comes to the Switch but has the Resident Evil game that changed everything still got it?

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ZeekQuattro680d ago

Took a little while for me to used to the controls again but this is still my favorite RE game even after playing REmake 2. I put in some crazy hours into RE 4 over the course of the GCN, PS2, Wii and now Switch iterations. It's addicting as it ever was to me.

DivoJones680d ago

It's not a first-party game, so I'll just wait for the deal to come around!

Marcello680d ago

Not enough cash, stranger.

AK91679d ago

No no its not it's easily the worst version (though still a good game) but the asking price is ridiculous when you can get a better more stable version on PS4 and XB1 for much less.