Todd Howard Talks Starfield, Elder Scrolls 6, Fallout 76, Terminator, and More

IGN: "On this episode of our monthly interview show IGN Unfiltered, longtime Bethesda Game Studios director Todd Howard joins us to discuss his Hall of Fame career, from the Terminator first-person shooter that got him started to the incredible success of The Elder Scrolls series to the acquisition of the Fallout IP to his new sci-fi project, Starfield."

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anonymousfan1820d ago

I wish we could see TES 6 and Starfield already

Double_O_Revan1820d ago

Why? So you can get your disappointment out of the way early? Especially when you realize they're using the same old busted game engine they've used for years.

anonymousfan1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

I forgot about that engine damn it, and it feels even worse knowing this is being developped for next gen... With same old graphics engine! Even Activision finally updates their graphics engine lmao!! Still, I can't imagine it'll be a bigger disappointment than Fallout 76

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coretone1820d ago

It's not the same engine.

Double_O_Revan1820d ago

Yes. Yes it is.

"Fallout 76 uses a new renderer, a new lighting system and a new system for the landscape generation. For Starfield even more of it changes. And for The Elder Scrolls 6, out there on the horizon even more," Howard tells Forbes, confirming that future games will indeed utilise the Creation Engine.
"We like our editor. It allows us to create worlds really fast and the modders know it really well. There are some elementary ways we create our games and that will continue because that lets us be efficient and we think it works best," Howard explains.

JesusBuiltmyHotrod1820d ago

Will be overrated trash like most of their games.

bellome1820d ago

I am not buying your games Todd. No more.

xX-oldboy-Xx1820d ago

Stand true mate - they are trash out the gate.

xX-oldboy-Xx1820d ago

BANG! - He even says they knew it was going to be a bumpy launch, then they incognito - dirty pricks. People are still waiting on the canvas bag from the pre-order.

quent1820d ago

a true bullshit artist, one of the greats

xX-oldboy-Xx1820d ago

He get's then everytime - blows my tiny mind.

Thundercat771820d ago

No coincidence he has a strong friendship with Phil Spencer.