Activision wants Call of Duty Humvee lawsuit thrown out

AM General’s Humvee is one of the vehicles featured in Call of Duty games, although its use was not authorized. As a result, the South Bend, Indiana-based vehicle manufacturer sued Activision back in 2017.

Now Activision is trying to get the entire lawsuit thrown out. In a summary judgment motion filed on May 31, Activision claims that AM General is undermining its First Amendment rights.

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steven83r265d ago

This company can't actually win. That would be ridiculous. Imagine BELL Helicopters or the German Company responsible for the Panzer suing every war game developer. BS.

Cobra951265d ago (Edited 265d ago )

We'll see. Any depiction of a trademarked property usually involves licensing. That's why Porsches didn't appear in many racing games for years. EA (I think) had the exclusive rights to them. (Forza games eventually got them as DLC. They worked out a deal.) I'm surprised Activision used a current, trademarked vehicle without paying the piper. Then again, it's a ubiquitous military vehicle, so it's hard to depict a modern war accurately without it.

So, we'll see.

blacktiger265d ago (Edited 265d ago )

This isn't about Porsch this is about those bought by government is actually can be used in fair use. That's easy peas case.

Vhampir265d ago

It's not BS. They also can win. If a company doesn't like your use of a product in media, they can sue for defamation by implication or trademark infringement.

Lon3wolf265d ago

Unless unlike Activision the devs making those games actually asked for permission before using them?