InFocus gaming projectors Available Now.

InFocus released its gaming projector in Q1, which means its readily available in stores. I have searched the net for related stories, I'm suprised no video game website has posted this. They were at the eFocus party during E3.

These machines are very expensive, it's $1,299.00, plus tax, of course. I've uploaded some images for your viewing pleasure.

If you want high definition gaming, bright picture, and you have a lot of cash in your bank, give this one a spin, it's one powerful machine. Played Xbox 360 games like a dream.

robtfakktor6194d ago

the resolution is weak. not even 720p or 1080i.

TheMART6194d ago

The most expensive model does and it says in the article:

"The InFocus Play Big IN76 is a performance-rich 720p native HD front projector, bringing a superb big theater experience to the home of the video enthusiast."

TheMART6194d ago

That would be nice a native 720p beamer with good light/contrast.

Are there more, maybe a little bit (maybe around 800 to 1.000 dollar/euro)cheaper options besides this dreambeamer?

I would like to get one and get games projected on my wall. Gears of War 720p on 2 by 3 meters that would be nice... damn

billybob6194d ago

this was posted on IGN a month ago....

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