Activision Blizzard Reveals New Consumer Products Lineup

Some very interesting things here as Activision Blizzard have revealed a new wave of consumer products based on their popular game series.

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Zeke6840d ago

Starcraft 3 ? Diablo 4 ? Warcraft 4 ? Noooope, Lego Overwatch and clothes, oh how the mighty Blizzard have fallen. So out of touch what the die-hard Blizzard fans wants it's not even funny any more. I totally understand why Chris Metzen and Mike Morhaime jumped ship during last years because now it's not about the Blizzard gamers, it's all about MT's and nickle and diming the fans with stupid stuff like this... :(

Garethvk40d ago

They claim they have more games than ever before in development. Blizzcon will be key this year as they are reportedly losing many top people who have lwft following the layoffs as they did not like what was going on. If they have another Blizzcon and do not have anything significant to show it will be a mess.

Zeke6840d ago

Yeah, it their last chance, at least for me personally.